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Think you're Buying Healthy Food? Think Again!

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Even back when we were growing up and our parents were trying to teach us what's good for us and what isn't, they have inadvertently implanted some views about the world around us that are not completely true.

This fully applies to eating habits as well. Children are taught that among the healthiest foods are dairy products, salads, juices. But perhaps they forgot to tell us that they were talking about homemade versions of these?



Milk is the typical breakfast - the kids sit down at the table, mom takes out the milk carton from the fridge and pours it over the cereal in their bowls.

The truth: Milk is good for you because it contains calcium.

The rest of the truth: Milk in jugs and cartons is pasteurized, meaning that during its processing it not only loses the beneficial substances in it, but to make it have a longer shelf life they add various artificial substances that can be quite harmful to the body.


Brown Bread

If this type of bread really was made from special types of flour it would definitely be exceptionally healthy but here we have that big IF - if that were the case it would be quite expensive and since the majority of people wouldn't be able to afford it, we see brown bread that's kneaded from plain white flour, with all sorts of artificial colors added.


Anyone who has ever made their own tomato chutney knows what it really tastes like - when made with real ingredients and of course the price it comes out to. The tomato chutneys and ketchup we buy from stores are nothing but chemicals - artificial colors, flavors, stabilizers, preservatives. If you think that these products are made from tomatoes, peppers, onions, carrots and other similar ingredients, try reading the label on some of the cheaper chutneys sold in stores. You'll most likely find that you have no idea what you've actually bought.


Fresh Salad in a Box

You're at work and want to eat quickly but also healthily, so you go for a salad from the nearby supermarket. In this case we're not going to discuss the quality of the vegetables but the dressing with which these types of salads are usually smothered. It has proven to be nearly as caloric as a hamburger.

Baby Purees and Starch

The thick creamy purees that contain starch act like a glue when they enter the child's delicate body and hinder the normal functioning of the stomach and intestines.

Think carefully the next time you plan a trip to the supermarket!