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What to Eat while at the Beach

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Temperatures get pretty high during the summer, while the air humidity helps bacteria that cause food poisoning multiply.

To avoid potential infections, we have to pay special attention to the heat treatment of raw meat and the way it's stored. Meat that isn't cooked properly may contain harmful microorganisms. The same goes for eggs.

After cooking any particular food, it should only be left outside the fridge for 30 min. at the longest.

The temperature inside portable coolers should never rise above 50°F (8 °C).

1. When you're at the beach, be sure to avoid consumption of semi-processed and boiled salami, pâtés, as well as any baked goods with meat products.

Tip: A piece of tasty grilled meat with fresh vegetables, bread and spices is a much better option when it comes to safe and healthy eating at the beach. Fresh fruits and veggies have decent nutritional value. It's very healthy to eat them fresh. A quick salad instead of meat, where you can add grains or fish, are an excellent choice.

2. Food at the beach shouldn't be fatty or salty. Chips at the coastline aren't recommended, nor are heavy sandwiches with fried meat and mayonnaise, since most of the time they contain eggs - the most common source of salmonella during summer. Hamburgers and fries are the foods most frequently offered at beach-side food joints. Even if packed, they are not recommended.


Tip: A chips of sweet potatoes and apples will satisfy your snack craving, as will almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts. These will provide our body enough energy amd stop hunger. You can make your desserts at home - a quick carrot cake and chocolate are an excellent and healthy choice.

3. Sodas and beverages with preservatives are in abundance all along the beach. Consumption of sodas and juices that contain tremendous amounts of sugar get in the way of hydration and should be completely avoided, along with alcoholic beverages. It's best to prepare your own juices.

Tip: Having a supply of water at the beach is a priority but instead of buying juices, make your own fresh-squeezed juice from grapefruit at home. Grapefruits contain a lot of water, a low quantity of sodium and the body obtains the needed liquids and minerals from them.