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A Lesser Known Citrus Fruit: Yuzu

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Yuzu is a Japanese citrus fruit about the size of a mandarin, with quite a sour taste. Yuzu is the most popular of all citrus fruits in Japan.

Yuzu rose to fame in the US food scene in early 2000 and continues its presence in restaurant menus in the form of sauces, cocktails and desserts. As is the case with most citrus fruits, yuzu also originates from China.

The fruit was introduced to Japan during the Tang dynasty, when it was used for relaxing baths, medical purposes, as well as a wide range of culinary applications.

With a taste reminiscent of a cross between a lemon, mandarin and grapefruit, yuzu has found its way into Western cuisine over the past few years, where it's now used to flavor just about everything - from beer and gum to vinegar and cocktails.

Yuzu is highly widespread in Asian grocery stores.

It contains 3 times more vitamin C than a lemon, many antioxidants and is exceptionally healthy. It's considered a superfood for its healthy properties and the anti-inflammatory substance in its rind - limonene.

Yuzu Fruit

Considering its still low popularity in much of the Western world, juice from it can be found in Asian supermarkets, as well as online. The fruit is also available in very convenient easy-to-use forms.

In powdered form, yuzu has a sharp and sweet taste, making it perfect for desserts, while its dried rinds can be used to aromatize various dishes - vegetables, fish and pasta.

Even though yuzu powder is just a substitute for the fruit it is successfully used for flavoring all kinds of dishes and desserts.

In online stores you'll find it bottled in juice form or in the form of a paste.

Yuzu paste is highly salty, contains chili and has a pleasant spicy flavor. It is a traditional condiment to sushi and can also be added to pastas or soups.

Yuzu vinegar - fermented yuzu juice, it's used for marinades and salad sauces.

Yuzu juice - extracted from yuzu fruits and bottled, it makes for a suitable substitute for most recipes that require use of the fruit.



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