The Miraculous Power of Raspberry Leaves

Raspberry Leaves

Usually when we talk about the beneficial properties of raspberries, we include only the effects of the fruits of this plant. However, raspberry leaves themselves possess qualities that are just as healthy, if you know how to use them.

If we turn to folk medicine, we find that raspberry leaves are among the most popular and widespread herbs. They are used to make remedies, tinctures and even ointments. Today we're going to take a look at some of the commonly used recipes.

Raspberry leaves can help lower your temperature when you're sick. Use 2 tbsp of a mixture of dried branches and raspberry leaves. Pour hot water over them and leave them to sit for several hours in a closed thermos. Give the beverage to the patient every 3 hours.

There's no actual limit to how much of the beverage you can drink. It has a positive effect when treating colds and viral infections. It's beneficial in treating colitis, skin inflammation and coughs.

Raspberry Leaf Tea

In each of these cases, you're going to need 1 tbsp (15 g) raspberry leaves, dried ahead of time. Put them in a cup, pour hot water over them and leave to cool. This takes no longer than half an hour. Drink 3 times a day.

The remedy is also good for gastritis and enteritis. Additionally, it's good to know that the remedy from raspberry leaves is effective against bronchial and lung diseases.

The remedy from raspberry leaves also helps treat hemorrhoids. Apply compresses to the affected area.


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