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Healthy and Tasty Sandwiches with Which to Change Up your Menu

Avocado and egg sandwich

Keeping a diet is certainly no easy task, since we also tend to exercise more, while at the same time limiting our intake of fatty, fried and processed foods, as well as alcoholic and carbonated beverages and coffee.

When we're trying to stick to the diet we've chosen, we often eat the same kind of food over and over again, making even our snacks boring, dull and tasteless. But it doesn't have to be this way.

There's a plethora of appetizing nutritious combinations that are suitable for a wide spectrum of diets. Here you'll find several enticing ideas for diet sandwiches that would make your weight loss significantly easier. They're extraordinarily easy to make and the ingredients needed for them are present in just about every kitchen.

Peanut butter sandwich

1. Avocado and egg sandwich

A salty sandwich, suitable for a yummy day's start or afternoon snack. If the diet you've chosen allows you to eat eggs, this sandwich is highly recommended. To make it, mash half an avocado and smear 1 slice of wholegrain bread with this. Place an egg on top, fried without any oil. This sandwich takes a bit more time to prepare but the efforts are worth it.

2. Peanut butter and banana sandwich

As the name suggests, simply smear a wholegrain slice of bread with low fat peanut butter and arrange 3-4 round slices of bananas on top. A simple snack that'll give you energy and nutrients, while also not hurting your figure.

3. Mango and cottage cheese sandwich

To make it, you need no more than 2 tbsp low fat cottage cheese and a piece of mango, sliced finely. Smear the cottage cheese on the bread slice, then arrange the sliced fruit on top. What you'll get is a yummy and dietary sandwich with an exotic flavor in no time.

Tomato and butter sandwich

4. Strawberry and cottage cheese sandwich

This sandwich is suitable for the summer days, when fresh strawberries are in abundance. It's delicious and satisfies hunger. To make it, all you need is to spread cottage cheese onto a slice of wholegrain bread and arrange pieces of strawberry on top.

5. Radish and cottage cheese sandwich

An excellent spring sandwich that won't hinder your weight loss. Make it by smearing low fat cottage cheese onto a slice of bread and garnishing with round slices of fresh radishes.

6. Tomato and butter sandwich

Smear a wholegrain bread slice with a thin layer of low fat butter and slice some pieces of tomato on top. If your diet allows it, sprinkle with basil or other aromatic herbs and spices. Toast the sandwich 5-6 min. in an oven or party grill.



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