Ideas for Midnight Snacks That Won't Hurt your Waistline


It's 11:40 p.m. again and your stomach starts to growl uncontrollably. But you try not to pay it any mind because you know most proven diets advise not eating anything past 6 p.m...

The clock hits 00:30 a.m. and you can't take it any more. Your hunger wins and you reach for the fridge, where you have oven-baked potatoes left over from earlier, a piece of sausage and a little sauce or chutney. The temptation turns out to be too great and you finally give in.

You reach in and put together a rich midnight dinner for yourself, even sweetening things up with chocolate biscuits at the end. At first you feel happy that your hunger has passed but mere minutes later you're once again beset by guilt that you've hurt your figure.

This is quite a common scenario and a rather unpleasant one at that. But it may now become a thing of the past. We've prepared 3 recipe ideas for snacks with which you can satisfy your midnight appetite, all without feeling guilty that you're ruining your thin physique.

Homemade Hummus

Ingredients: 4/5 cup canned chickpeas, 2 2/3 tbsp olive oil or oil, 3 tbsp sesame tahini, 1 lemon, olive oil, 2 garlic cloves, black pepper, paprika, salt to taste.

Preparation: Blend the garlic well in a blender. To it add the canned chickpeas, which you can peel beforehand if you like. Pour in 4-5 tbsp water, the oil and spices. Blend everything until homogeneous. If blending is difficult, you can add a little more liquid. You can eat the prepared hummus right away.

Homemade Popcorn


Ingredients: 1 cup popcorn kernels, oil, salt.

Preparation: Pour about half a finger width of oil in a pot. Heat it well, then place 1 popcorn kernel in it to see if it'll pop. If it does, remove the kernel and take the pot off the stove briefly. Pour in the rest of the kernels and cover the pot with a lid, return to the stove. Next, you're going to hear the kernels start to pop. While this is happening, it's best to keep a hand on the cover of the pot and shake the pot periodically. Once you hear the popping start to die down to 1 every second, it means your popcorn is ready. Finally, take them out and flavor as desired.

Kale Chips

Kale Chips

Ingredients: 1 head of kale, olive oil, salt, black pepper.

Preparation: Wash and clean the kale. Rip it into small pieces, the size of your usual chips. Leave it to dry, arrange it onto baking paper in an oven dish so there's space between the leaves. Sprinkle all of the pieces with spices and oil. Bake the chips 10-15 min. in a preheated 347°F (175 °C) oven, with both the top and bottom elements on. Once you take them out of the oven, it's best to leave them to cool for 10 min., after which they're ready for consumption.

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