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Severe Appetite - Here`s How to Handle it

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Having a constant severe appetite can be exceptionally unhealthy. It can lead to numerous negative consequences, such as weight gain and the inability to lose the extra weight. We've all experienced instances of being unable to control our appetite and reach for those unhealthy temptations at even unhealthier hours of the day.

Giving in is the easiest way of dealing with the problem but definitely not the best idea. These temptations are extremely bad for any goal of losing excess pounds. Luckily, there's some good news.

The first is that severe appetite lasts about half an hour on average. The second - during this period there's several methods we can use to stave off hunger. What these are and how they can save you from the horrifying problem of overeating, see below.

1. A walk

Our appetite strikes hardest when we're undergoing stress or incredibly tired. A simple walk or any form of physical activity improves mood, which in turn, suppresses our desire to eat something. A short walk provides everything one needs in such a situation. Studies have proven that people who took a 15 min. walk were less likely to eat chocolate than those who gave in to their exhaustion and stress.


2. Breathe deeply

Taking several deep breathes can stave off hunger. Try this method - inhale slowly for 4 seconds and hold your breath for 7 seconds. Then exhale slowly, while counting to 8. Repeat this 4 times - this will calm your stressed mind and keep hunger at bay.

3. Water

Every time the thought of a cake or something greasy passes through your mind, pour yourself a glass of water. The body very often confuses the signals of thirst and hunger. Drinking a glass of the life-giving liquid will drastically lower your urge for sweets or carbs. Additionally, a stomach that's filled with water has no room for unhealthy foods.