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Top 5 Methods with Which You`ll Live to be 120, According to Scientists

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Leading gerontologists have shared the top 5 most effective ways, thanks to which one may live to be 120 years old. According to the scientists, their discovery is a real breakthrough in the search for methods to slow aging.

During the International Mortality and Longevity Symposium at Geneva, experts have stated that it is possible to slow down the aging process.

The study was funded by a number of billionaires from Silicon Valley, who are investing tremendous amounts of money in the battle against aging.

The study makes it evident that changing our daily habits is the key to improving life expectancy. Find out the scientifically proven methods that will help you enjoy good health well into old age.

1. Take in more peptides


Peptides, also called small proteins, are chains of amino acids which increase production of the growth hormone HGH in the human body. It aids metabolism and stimulates the growth of muscles and bones. After a person's 20s, the quantities of this hormone decrease, even though it is important for long life. Studies have shown that peptides help skin cells regenerate.

2. The Okinawa diet

About 50% of the diseases linked to aging are caused by cardiovascular problems, which are in turn most greatly affected by the Okinawa diet. This diet lowers the risk of developing cancer, atherosclerosis and hormonal imbalances. It calls for eating fish 3 times a week, while eating vegetables, soy products, edible seaweed and whole grain bread every single day.

3. Surround yourself with Christmas trees


It may seem strange but there exists a correlation between longevity and Christmas trees. According to studies, there is a substance called terpenoid in Christmas trees, which protects against a number of diseases. It is often used as an additive in skin creams because it helps restore skin elasticity.

4. Drink gin

If there's a type of alcohol out there capable of restoring your youth, it's gin. Health experts recommend avoiding overconsumption but a small gin once a week aids in collagen production.

5. Take magnesium

Magnesium aids in the production of melatonin, which is a proven weapon in the fight against skin aging. The best way to obtain magnesium naturally is via consumption of almonds, avocados, spinach and tropical fruits, such as pineapples, oranges and bananas.