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The Most Suitable Appetizers for Red Wine

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Red Wine

A good wine goes best with a good appetizer. It's a wise point of advice that has been followed for centuries. Red wine is a favorite, with its production techniques having been perfected over time.

Of course, for you to enjoy red wine to the fullest, you have to prepare your palate with a suitable food, one whose taste and aroma does not dull that of the beverage all the while. Specifically, red wine best complements heavy foods, meaning beef, cheeses, baked goods.

For example, it's as if one of the most popular traditional wine varieties - Mavrud - was created to be combined with a lamb steak garnished with vegetables.


Merlot, on the other hand, goes excellent with baked chicken or duck. It's suitable for consuming with a platter of cheeses or a pasta that's been smothered in a cheese sauce. Cabernet Sauvignon, in turn, is a full-bodied wine that can be paired with baked lamb or beef. It's suitable for all kinds of pasta that are served with red sauces. It's also the only wine that goes well with dark chocolate or dark chocolate desserts.

Pinot Noir, with its rich taste and aroma, is the ideal choice for drier meats such as turkey, for example. The great thing about this wine variety is that it fits exceptionally well with creamy, light, soft cheeses and oat pitas. The sweet wine Port is perfect for strong cheeses with a pungent smell. Try it with any heavy chocolate dessert as well. Their resonating taste will make you look at the sweet temptations from an entirely different angle.

For grilled meat culinary temptations, the full-bodied wine Syrah is particularly fitting. It's ideal for steaks, pljeskavica and roast vegetables. Garnish Italian red wines such as Sangiovese with exuberant meat sauces for spaghetti or try them with a Pepperoni pizza.

Red wines also pair well with certain fruits, such as apples.