For a Healthy Heart, Eat Chili Peppers to your Heart`s Content

For a Healthy Heart, Eat Chili Peppers to your Heart`s Content

Chili Pepper

The consumption of chili peppers will not only help you lose weight but will also protect your heart, shows a new study by the Military Medical University in Chongqing.

Small doses of capsaicin - the substance contained in chili peppers - incite our body to refrain from the overconsumption of salt, as a result protecting our heart and blood vessels, researchers told Hypertension journal.

Of course, we mustn't overconsume spicy foods either because this can damage our digestive organs. In addition, it's best for people who have stomach problems to avoid spicier foods.

For those that don't and wish to negate the effects of unhealthy foods, chili peppers can be an effective remedy that leads to fat burning and a speeding up of metabolism.

Spicy Chili Pepper

During the experiment with over 600 volunteers at Chongqing University, it was also found that those who ate spicy foods suffered less often from high blood pressure.

Usually, heart and blood vessel problems are associated with higher consumption of salt.

It's been found that the areas of the brain that pick up on spicy and salty tastes overlap. As such, when the area of the brain responsible for identifying spicy flavors switches on, it drives the work of the cells responsible for identifying saltiness.

In this way, food appears saltier than it really is, in turn leading us to subconsciously eat less actual salt in our foods.


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