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Appetizing and Quick Ideas for an Afternoon Snack

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After a few hours of afternoon napping, kids and adults alike almost always wake up hungry. The reason lies in the fact that the body has finished digesting its lunch and needs a little something to snack on.

In this case we're talking about the afternoon snack. On the one hand it needs to be filling enough, while on the other it must not be too caloric to avoid spoiling the evening meal or leading to excess weight gain.

Below are 3 ideas you can try for serving an afternoon snack to your loved ones.

1. Fruits

Fruits, especially seasonal ones, are the ideal way to satiate your hunger without you or your child packing on excess pounds. Additionally, they contain numerous vitamins that help strengthen the immune system. So, if you're feeling really hungry, you're better off grabbing a fruit and not reaching for those baked goods, chips, biscuits, chocolate or other sweets. You can also add chopped fruits and sugar to your yoghurt. It makes for one of the healthiest and dietary afternoon snacks that you'll really enjoy.

2. A vitamin-packed vegetable shake


Along with fruits, vegetables too contain plenty of vitamins, while they are no less filling. You can even combine a carrot with an apple or pumpkin with a fruit of your choice and again add yoghurt if desired. Of course, if you'd like a shake, be sure to use milk. Whatever fruits and veggies you've chosen, simply combine them, blend for a few minutes in the blender and you've got yourself a real vitamin-packed shake that'll charge you with enough energy until dinnertime.

3. Milk with rice

Milk with Rice

Although rice is quite caloric, don't forget that the amount you consume is also of prime importance. It's no coincidence that you'll rarely see a fat Chinese or Japanese person, right? Following this same principle, you can make your favorite milk with rice dessert, sprinkle it with cinnamon and enjoy. Just watch the serving size.



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