Today is National Chocolate Wafer Day! Here`s How to Mark the Occasion

Chocolate Wafers

On July 3, connoisseurs all over are celebrating National Chocolate Wafer Day. This tasty dessert is traditionally made of crunchy layers, riddled with squares. The layers themselves are stuck together with cream and the whole dessert is made into a geometric shape, usually a rectangle.

It's believed that the recipe for the first wafers originated on the territory of what is now Holland back in the 6th century. It was modified over time and now we find all sorts of variations of the dessert.


There's Turkish delight wafers, wafers with honey, caramel, tahini wafers. Chocolate wafers remain a classic though. Besides for direct consumption, they make suitable decoration for cakes and pastries. They're used as a main ingredient in various desserts too.

Be sure to mark the occasion by eating a wafer or making yourself an almond cake with wafers, fruit cake with bananas and wafers, dessert with wafers and vanilla pudding, wafer cake in 15 min..


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