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For or against drastic weight loss

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Drastic diets are not a good idea. Almost everyone wants to lose weight in a week or two because a very important occasion appeared surprisingly.

People resort to various methods of weight loss that causes us than momentary discomfort because of their limitations.

If you want to lose weight and to get into a good shape, you should make an effort and allow the body to deal with the excess fat.

Drastic diets – like fully stopping carbohydrates, can lead you to no good and if they have any effect, it will only be temporary.

Naturally - avoiding carbs means you have to replace them with something else, the most common are proteins, like meat. But the constant eating of meat can create very serious health problems - lack of concentration, dehydration, disease of the liver, hair loss, sluggishness, rapid fatigue and dizziness.

Stopping any substance which the body needs completely, can only lead to health problems.

This kind of diet is done under the supervision of a dietitian, and in most cases, if you have to lose no more than 5-6 pounds. Fast and instant weight loss may be effective, but it is definitely temporary.

We've all heard about yo-yo effect – it most often appears on drastic diets that are followed for long periods of time, which is really good at the moment you observe it, but then you gain back the pounds and often then some.

When you want to get in shape, start a balanced and healthy diet, exercise, and do not expect a miracle in three days - everything requires patience, but if it is connected with our health as time passes – it’s always worth it.