Diets without the yo-yo effect
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Diets without the yo-yo effect

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yo-yo effect

The more severe and prolonged your diet is, the more the body's defenses need to draw on its calorie reserves. The answer consists in reducing the energy consumption by reducing the function of the thyroid gland and metabolism.

One of the harmful effects of improper diet may be loss of muscle mass due to very strict calorie and protein deprivation.

The ultimate goal of any successful weight control system is to go through a weight reduction of fat without messing with the protein balance in the body. This is possible only through proper tuning and optimization of nutrition and physical exercise.

The positive effect of short diets needs to come without the yo-yo effect.

To avoid the yo-yo effect, it is recommended you place short-term boosts on your dietary plans, such as a one-or two-day span in which you drink more fluids and take tea with a fruit or eat only liquid food. This approach to dieting is called "the principle of interval" in which three or four days of strict dieting brings us back to eating what we're used to.

Fruit Diet

Sample a fruit diet for three days

Breakfast. Start with breakfast of apple or orange juice. You can drink about 350ml slowly. Wait ten minutes to half an hour and eat a fruit with its peel. It is recommended that its the same one you used in the preparation of your juice.

Lunch. Drink some juice or tea. Then you can afford to eat two types of berries with a little honey.

Dinner. Dinners can focus more preparation of tea, or just drink water. After about 10 minutes, eat some fruit.

The next day of this diet plan you can eat vegetable soup or broth at every meal. Combine your fruit intake with soup and eat the fruits first.

24-hour diet - weight loss without the yo-yo effect

The innovative design of the 24-hour diet goes a step further by combining the idea of more intense exercise as a way to achieve a rapid reduction of fat and reduce the retention of carbohydrates.

This diet is characterized by its short duration and compliance with dietary protein intakes, combined with an active physical program. In it there is no risk of a yo-yo effect. You can (preferably about 3-4 times a month) undergo only one day of this diet without extending its duration to lose more weight.

You need a new attitude to improve eating habits and increase your physical activity. We should not forget that a good first step in the diet is very motivating just to build consistency in further gradual weight loss.

What is a 24-hour protein diet?

Beans are an important component in a diet that is rich in protein, especially for those who are not particular fans of meat or are vegetarian.

All soy products, lentils and corn are high in protein compared to vegetables. You can prepare delicious bean soup you can eat throughout the day and to be successful, the diet plan also has a laxative and detoxifying effect due to a high intake of dietary fiber from beans.

Lean meat rich in protein is essential for the implementation of this 24-hour diet. You can not compose your meals without selecting from the low in fat meats such as beef, chicken, seafood and fish.


Breakfast. This may include the consumption of two cooked eggs . They are a rich source of protein and are associated with a good breakfast. Portions of oatmeal or whole-grain breakfast of every kind are also an appropriate choice, without using anything for sweetening.

Lunch. lunch could be one serving of fish fillets, steamed boiled or baked lean meat can be combined with a piece of bread. Soup of beans or lentils can also be a good choice because of its high protein content.

Dinner. You can spice up the evening menu and prepare other than the lunch meat you had. Beef, chicken or fish are all appropriate. You can add a light garnish of cooked rice or small fries, but stick to the rule that your dish needs to have at least 2/3 protein.