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What are the most dangerous errors in diets

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Diet failures are common. We experience disappointment when the diet does not work and we wonder why our weight does not drop.

The reasons may be several. Find out which are the most common dietary blunders:

- Allowing yourself an "exceptional" dessert - for example, if a birthday or other very special occasion. But if it happens often, each piece of your cake makes you more detached from the goal of losing weight.

- If the package says "skimmed" it means “diet” - nutritionists generally advise that you refrain from buying products that say that they are low in fat and have zero calories.

While munching on low-fat ice cream , you do not realize how much sweetener is put into it to make it so delicious. Most low-fat products are highly processed.

It is better to spread a little real butter instead eat half a bag of something, which says that it has less fat.

- Eat healthy all day and get a reward at the end - if the award is to eat half a chocolate, a box of chips or drink a couple of pints of beer, then you are immediately back to step one!

These are things you do not need, especially after a full day in which you were able to stick to a healthy diet.

- During the day you play sports and at the end you can eat whatever you want - the possibilities of exercise affecting weight are only 15-20%.

Those who think they can eat anything because they exercise in a sports program are wrong. Weight loss depends 80% on your diet, and attention should be focused on the food.