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Nutrition for intestinal disorders

Stomach Pain

Acute and chronic diseases of the small intestine - enteritis, and colon - colitis require a special way of eating. Sometimes, this is combined as bowel disease - enterocolitis.

When many functions of the intestine are violated, it may lead to protein, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, disruption of your metabolism and fatigue.

Eating for disorders in the intestine is designed to provide full normalization of your metabolism and help to restore the impaired bowel function.

Products that help restore the function of the intestine are honey , jam , salted fish and pickled vegetables , smoked meats, canned meat and fish , sour fruits , as well as yogurt .

You should also eat foods rich in fiber - beans, nuts, mushrooms , dried fruits , whole grain breads, oatmeal , buckwheat , wheat , raw fruits and vegetables.


Recommended is the consumption of meat - beef, turkey and chicken , as well as rabbit and lamb . Cream, egg yolks, oil and olive oil are also among the recommended products .

Useful for bowel are sauerkraut and cream. All the above products are not recommended for diseases of the bowel, when accompanied by gastrointestinal problems.

Dried quinces

If the disease of the intestines is accompanied by diarrhea, it is recommended that you consume products that slow the motor function of the intestine.

These are jellies of pear and quince , strong black and green tea, or cocoa made with water. Also recommended are cream soups, as well as drinks and meals that are pre-heated. These foods are not recommended for constipation.

Products that help repair the gut, but do not affect motor function are boiled meat without fat, boiled fish without skin, oatmeal and white bread crackers.

The process of putrefaction in the intestine is triggered by products rich in carbohydrates and fiber. Yoghurt helps prevent this process.



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