Diet for snoring

Nina NordNina Nord
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Many people think that snoring can be overcome by not doing anything. Often the cause of snoring is excess weight.

Losing weight by ten percent reduces the frequency of snoring by fifty percent.

If you stick to a diet, snoring can be reduced, since you can lose a little weight. Reduce fat and carbs fast.

These are sugar, pasta, white bread. Consume more products that normalize the metabolism.

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These are fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs, chicken and fish without oil, nuts.

Do a weekly day of cleansing. Consume two kg fruits and 1 liter kefir. For the day of cleansing, boiled pumpkin is appropriate.

Reduce the protein and carbohydrates in your food. It is harmful to consume both protein and starch - such as meat with potatoes, or noodles with eggs.

Eat no more than three hours before bedtime. In the evening, do not overeat and emphasize light food - vegetables, yogurt, fruit, fish, chicken.

Eating chopped leaves of fresh cabbage mixed with honey helps against snoring. The mixture is eaten before bedtime. Cabbage can be replaced with cabbage juice.

Try once a month to go without food all day, drink only clean water all day. Drink at least two liters of water daily.

Reduce the salt in your food and do not drink alcohol at least one month for the duration of the diet. Alcohol relaxes the muscles and causes snoring even with people who are sober and do not suffer from this problem.