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30 Minutes for a Flat Belly

Flat belly

No matter how much you may want a tight and flat stomach, wishing alone won't make it happen. Effort is required but not nearly as much as some people would have us believe. You do not need equipment or a special set of physical exercises in the gym.

All you need is 30 min. for a flat belly. Use these 30 min. for aerobic exercises. Do them 5 days per week and decrease the amount of calories you intake a little, and enjoy the effect.

What you must do to have a flat belly is:

- Exercises 30 min. a day, 5 days a week

- Burn more calories than you take in

Why aerobic exercises?

Aerobic exercises, also known as cardio workouts, burn energy. When you eat, the calories you take in become fuel for this energy. When you consume more of this fuel, the body carefully stores the unused parts of it in the form of fat. It takes time to burn off this unneeded fat, just as it takes time for it to accumulate in the various areas.

Some aerobic workouts are:


- Dancing

- Biking

- Skiing

- Going up stairs

- Swimming

- Running

Decrease the amount of calories

Learning to consume the right amount of calories takes further training. Let's suppose that we've planned on taking in about 1000 to 1200 calories per day, but we go out to lunch and order a small cheeseburger, small fries small diet Coke. Everything looks small, but not when we look at the calories. A small cheeseburger contains 300 cal, another 248 in the fries. Learn to sense exactly how much fuel to take in and then every choice will be a good one.

Tips for encouragement

Weight loss

It is easy to get discouraged when trying to lose weight. Instead of focusing on failure, focus on your 30 min. for a flat tummy. Set reachable goals. If you decide to lose 11 lb (5 kg) in a week, your goal will be unreachable and you will be doomed to fail. Therefore, let your goal be 30 min. for a flat belly, 5 days a week. Some other useful advice:

- Measure instead of weigh - measure your waist line before you begin exercising, and every 6 weeks after.

- Keep a food diary.

- Reward yourself after 6 weeks with a pedicure or massage.

- Drink lots of water.

- When running, tense your stomach muscles and count to 10, relax them and count to 10 again, repeat this for the entire time.

Find an exercise partner

If you fail in burning weight and eating right a few times in a row, do not lose hope, instead find a buddy who has the same goal. Set up times when you can both exercise and support each other.



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