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Tibetan Blood Cleansing Diet

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A healthy diet from Tibet can help cleanse the toxins from your blood, thereby lowering your risk of brain stroke and heart attack.

For this diet you will need to drink a specially made beverage every day for 25 days. Drink 1-2 cups only in the morning and only on an empty stomach.

Prepare the beverage from 10.5 oz of onions and 2 lb of lemons. Chop both ingredients finely and place them in 6 1/5 cups of boiling water. Leave covered for 15 min, to release all of the beneficial substances from the onions and lemons.


Studies have proven that onions and lemons, which are part of this diet, act as a preventive means against many types of Cancer and fortify the human immune system. This elixir can also significantly decrease the risk of stroke and heart attack.

Lemons are rich in citric acid, which stimulates the gastric acids, plus decreases blood sugar levels. The pectin in the citruses suppresses appetite and causes feelings of satiety for 4 hours after intake.

Vitamin C is also a superb aid when it comes to digestion; it is found in significant amounts in lemons.

Additionally, onions help against osteoporosis and rejuvenate, while lemons are effectively combat stress, kidney stones and contribute to healthy gums.


Sulfur compounds have been found in onions, they are easily absorbed by the body. They end up in the brain by way of the bloodstream and have a positive effect on a number of important areas. As well, onions activate and rejuvenate cells.

If you wish to repeat this diet, you need to wait at least 10 days before beginning to drink from the concoction again.

During this cleansing diet, all other healthy eating rules need to be followed. This means limiting the amount of animal fats and alcohol.

Only clinically healthy people should go on this diet, i.e. if you have some type of health problems and you go on this diet, you will only damage your state of health.



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