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The Soup Diet

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Diet soup

Almost imperceptibly, it's as if we have a tendency to shift our gaze toward a warm and delicious soup all year long. Soup lovers usually don't sit down to lunch without this healthy liquid temptation that doesn't burden the body.

For those who wouldn't mind eating soup regularly and wish to lose some pounds, consider this menu as a way of helping you attain the slimmer body shape that you've dreamed of.

The latest studies reveal that vegetable soups rich in proteins and complex carbohydrates are a magnificent way to lose weight.

Eating soup during the day, regardless of season, significantly improves the digestive processes, plus it's a healthy way of eating. Anyone can feel the difference in eating homemade warm soup instead of consuming mainly sandwiches and dried foods.

The good thing about the soup diet is that you can make it with whatever products you prefer. You can cook up a clear chicken soup or its vegetable alternative, add cauliflower, broccoli, and why not even some green beans?

You're probably wondering how such a soup, that you're putting everything into, is helping your body deal with the excess pounds.

It's been proven that thanks to the abundance of water in soup, it leads to a full stomach feeling more quickly, and from there a feeling of satiety. It's also been calculated that even one large bowl of soup would not provide more than 300 calories, which is an excellent start for shedding extra pounds.

Tomato soup

And there you have it, you've filled up fast, you don't feel hunger and you're losing weight. Isn't that just marvelous?

Soup is also a highly nourishing food. It's rich in numerous nutrients valuable for the body that essentially come from the very products used in it. Vegetable broths are bountiful in vitamins and fiber, needed to balance metabolism.

Further they have a lower content of fat, another plus when it comes to losing weight. Add chicken meat, salmon or tofu and the soup will still be considered healthy. While those made with leaves or root vegetables will provide you the necessary amount of carbs.

Some of the most dietetic soups are cabbage soup, tomato soup, gazpacho, the different cold soups such as tarator, certain fruit soups and vegetable cream soups that contain no eggs, milk and cream.



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