Common Morel

Common Morel

Common Morel /Morchella esculenta/ is a delicious mushroom. Common Morel is of German origin. It is believed to have strong aphrodisiac properties, and even Casanova ate Common Morel every day to strengthen himself. It is also almost an endangered species.

The hood of a Common Morel is an extended-cumulus or cumulus, hollowed and rounded at the top. The height of the cap varies from 3 to 10 cm in width - between 4 and 7 cm of the surface of the cap consists of numerous small craters. They are interconnected with irregular shaped ribs and the bottom is fused to the stalk.

Common Morel’s color is initially whitish, later becoming yellowish brown to dark brown in a dried state. The ribs are bathed in light wells and are usually whitish. The hood can be likened to a bee hive.

He stalk of Common morel is fluffy and slightly hollow, reaches a height of 3 to 8 cm in diameter - 1 to 3 cm in most cases is bold in its base, the color is white to yellowish. The flesh of Common morel is very fragile and delicate, a very pleasant aroma and taste.

You will find Common morel in bushes and grassy areas around gullies and rivers in orchards and forests. Grows from late March to late May. You might also meet it later, but at higher altitudes. There can be both, single members, or even entire colonies of Common morel. Fortunately, Common morel has no poisonous counterpart.

Common Morel

Selecting and storing Common morel

This mushroom has a relatively high price. When you buy Common morel, note the appearance and aroma. If common morel has a pleasant, slightly fruity flavor, or an somewhat unpleasant smell, do not buy it.

Keep Common morel in the fridge, but very briefly, because, like most types of mushrooms, it is unsustainable. Common morel is suitable for freezing. It may be dried, but dried Common morel’s price is extremely high.

Culinary uses of Common morel

Common morel is a very good edible mushroom that has excellent taste. However, some recommend that it be consumed only after heat treatment and then in small quantities. The meat is a little tough, but still tasty.

Common Morel with Meat

Most often prepared steamed with a little butter, but it can also be used as a garnish for meat or combined with vegetables. Dried Common morel is used as a seasoning for sausages and other meats. A decoction of Common morelis excellent for sauces and dishes with meat.

An interesting fact is that in Switzerland, slightly blanched Common morel is filled with goose kidneys. Prepared in oven for a few minutes, they are served without condiments. Naturally the price of this dish is quite high, but in contrast, is a real delicacy.

Benefits of Common morel

Like most mushrooms, Common morel is low in fat and rich in many nutrients that are needed by the body. Eating mushrooms is a prerequisite for good health, especially if you are looking to lose fat. Common morel is a useful food high in fiber, and also has exceptional taste. As mentioned, Common morel is considered a strong aphrodisiac, but these claims have not been scientifically confirmed.

Dangers of Common Morel

Although there are no known toxic counterparts, Common morel should be collected only by experienced mushroomers, because you must not go wrong and go with a questionable mushroom. It should not be consumed in large quantities, especially at night. Mushrooms are harder to digest, which can cause stomach problems in some people. If you do get sick after consuming Common morel, it is best to contact your healthcare professional. Overall mushroom poisoning is very dangerous, due to the late onset of symptoms and disabilities that occur during this time.


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