Salmon Trout

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Salmon Trout

Salmon trout is a hybrid species of fish, the result of years of efforts by Yugoslavian geneticists. Salmon trout is actually an adapted form of the North American trout that breeds in the upper reaches of the White Drin river.

Through complex crossbreeding, the scientists managed to create a hybrid salmon with American and Brown trout. After many years of selection, they have created a species capable of reproducing on its own in rivers and watersheds of the former Yugoslavia.

Salmon trout reproduce in the period April - May. For years now, scientists have been seeing that the species has been successfully breeding on its own naturally.

Characteristics of Salmon Trout

In outer appearance, salmon trout bears all the characteristics of American trout but gains weight quickly and even reaches sizes typical of certain species of salmon, while at the same time having the reproductive capabilities of brown trout. Salmon trout is larger than other trout species, its meat is pink (like a salmon's), it has fewer bones and more actual meat.

Salmon trout is less expensive than salmon but similar in taste at the same time. In some restaurants they try to sell their customers salmon trout instead of salmon - but at the price of real salmon.

Even though similar, the taste is not identical and those who have tried the Norwegian delicacy can tell the difference immediately. Salmon trout and salmon have the same color but salmon trout is not as oily.

Its red tinge is a result of the feed. A salmon's color results from its diet - small crabs, fish, shrimp which have carotene and the fish attains a reddish hue because of the pigment astaxanthin.

A salmon trout's color is also due to this pigment but in this case it is obtained from the fish feed. When it comes to the taste of fish farm salmon trout, several key factors are what matter - the method of breeding, the contents of the water and the quality of the food.

Cooking Salmon Trout

Salmon trout is a highly delicious fish which can be cooked in all kinds of ways. Generally, it is oven baked or grilled. It's important to note that if fried or baked, it has absolutely no need of oil since it is part of the group of the so-called oily fish.

Enjoy this unbelievable recipe for salmon trout with spices.

Salmon Trout Fillet

Ingredients: salmon trout fillet, lemon juice, basil, oregano, white pepper, salt, lovage and marjoram. You can use baked potatoes as a garnish.

Preparation: Cut the fillet into pieces, season with lemon juice and the flavorful spices and let them sit for 10 to 15 min. to take in all the flavor. Heat up a grill pan or Teflon pan and place the fish - grill the skin side first so that it releases its own oil and after several minutes flip it on the other side. Serve the flavorful fish with baked potatoes and a glass of chilled white wine.

The next recipe is for grilled salmon trout.

Ingredients: salmon trout (as many as necessary), 1-2 lemons, several bunches of fresh garlic, dill, black pepper, salt, olive oil.

Preparation: Clean, dry the fish and use a sharp knife to make incisions on both sides. Sprinkle it with fresh lemon juice and just a little bit of olive oil. Salt and sprinkle with black pepper. Put several slices of lemon, fresh dill and some of the chopped fresh garlic in the abdomen of the fish.

Additionally, sprinkle on a bit of dill and grated lemon rind. Cover them with foil to preserve the freshness and leave for several hours in the fridge so that they season well with the fresh spices. Bake in the oven or on the grill.

Benefits of Salmon Trout

Besides incredibly delicious, this species of fish is remarkably healthy. As a typical representative of oilier fish, salmon trout is exceptionally rich in omega-3 fatty acids. The fish provides the body with easy to digest, complete proteins, minerals, vitamins. It increases good and at the same time lowers bad cholesterol in the blood.

Omega-3 fatty acids are absolutely crucial because they are an excellent preventative measure against a number of serious diseases.

They prevent cardiovascular diseases, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, depression and Alzheimer's. They provide a burst of energy and at the same time improve concentration.

They protect the body from cold and flu. Regular consumption of fish is therefore extraordinarily healthy since omega-3 fatty acids are in the highest concentrations of the various types of fish. Healthy diet experts recommend eating fish at least once a week.


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