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Baileys Irish Cream is a liqueur produced in Ireland from real Irish whiskey and velvet cream. The unbelievable beverage is among the 6 most luxurious alcoholic drinks in the world but is still offered at a relatively affordable price. Another remarkable fact about Baileys is that it has turned into the best selling liqueur among alcohol lovers.

And even though it bears the reputation of being a drink preferred by the fairer sex, a poll not too long ago revealed that only half of Baileys drinkers were ladies. And since we're discussing Baileys consumers, we must mention the fact that this outstanding drink has more than 40 million admirers in more than 120 countries.

History of Baileys

Production of Baileys began in the 2nd half of the last century, its creation taking place in Dublin. Its father is considered to be David Dend, who decided to borrow the idea of distilling whiskey and producing cream. The idea of creating a cream liqueur inspired others as well, who backed the Irishman. However, combining whiskey and cream proved a not so easy task, since after every attempt the resulting substance did not remain homogenized.

However, David Dend and his crew refused to give up and continued to experiment. So, after 4 years spent experimenting, Dend and his followers created their unique recipe for Baileys which remains a secret to this day. On November 26th, 1974, the drink was launched in the capital of Ireland. Baileys became the first ever cream liqueur and as such was viewed with skepticism. But after the first sip, it managed to win over loyal followers and quickly spread around the world.

Production of Baileys

Baileys is made following a secret recipe that the producer guards jealously. What is known is that making the original liqueur is not such an easy process. Thousands of cows play their part, the result of which is cream that is always fresh. The cows graze freely along the lush Irish pastures and then give a noteworthy high quality milk. The cream is almost immediately mixed with high quality alcohol.


During the production process, they add cocoa beans, vanilla, caramel, sugar and other ingredients. What's interesting is how after mixing it with the alcohol, the dairy beverage is preserved and remains good for consumption for years. In fact, the producers themselves had no idea that the resulting substance would last such a long time without changing its taste and quality.

Characteristics of Baileys

Baileys is not the best selling liqueur in the world by accident. It is distinguished by a velvet brown color. After the first sip, it is as if the drink has engulfed you with warmth and gentleness. It possesses a unique soft taste, obtained only through natural ingredients. When taking a drink, you will immediately notice the intoxicating sweet tones of chocolate, hazelnut and coffee. The aroma is also just as sweet and enthralling. The alcoholic content comes out to 17% alcohol by volume.

There are several variants of this emblematic liqueur on the market. Chocolate flavored Baileys is highly popular; it will immerse you in a sea of chocolate. Crème caramel Baileys is also popular, which will remind you of your favorite dessert. Other varieties include mint, biscotti and coffee flavors.

Choosing and Storing Baileys

There are a number of liqueurs available in stores that are similar in their ingredients to the Irish drink. However, real Baileys is only made by R. A. Bailey & Co and the name of the manufacturer is always present on the bottle label. When buying Baileys, be sure to check the expiration date on the drink.

But otherwise, this liqueur is easy to store, the only thing it requires is to be kept away from direct sunlight. It is best to store it in a dark, cool area at a temperature between 30°F (0°C) and 80°F (25°C). You can also keep it in the fridge, depending on your personal preference. An open bottle of Baileys can be consumed over a period of several months.

Cooking with Baileys

The one-of-a-kind soft taste of the creamy alcoholic drink transform it into a desirable component of numerous cocktails. It is mixed with Amaretto, vodka, Cointreau, Malibu, Kalua. The taste of Baileys also allows it to combine with banana or strawberry liqueur. An excellent combination results when adding a little bit of the alcohol to hot chocolate (no matter if it's white or milk), coffee or cappuccino.

Baileys Cake

Baileys is also widely used in cooking and the preparation of all sorts of cakes. You can add it to recipes for rolls, cheesecakes, layer cakes, pies and more. Sweet temptations such as bonbons, biscuits, creams, puddings, eclairs and donuts also obtain an irresistible charm after several drops of Baileys are added.

Serving Baileys

Baileys possesses qualities that make it suitable for serving even on its own. Of course, one can always add 2 to 3 ice cubes. It is the ideal drink to conclude an evening with and is therefore usually served after dinner. Some consumers prefer to drink it with their coffee in the morning however, so a strict time cannot be set for drinking Baileys. The only condition is to enjoy the drink slowly and quietly. Take small sips of the liqueur and enjoy the way it trickles down your throat.



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