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Cayenne Pepper

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Cayenne Pepper

Incandescent culinary degree cayenne pepper (Capsicum frutescens) is actually a popular spice that is considered the most used chili pepper on earth. The degree of spicy taste of cayenne pepper depends on its type and where it is grown. The pungency is measured in a special scale - from 1 to 120. On the same scale, we distinguish the color, flavor, degree of tartness.

The home of cayenne pepper is considered Tropical America. Early locals used them as ornamental plants, and later entered cayenne pepper in cooking and in traditional medicine because it is rich in valuable ingredients. The name of this "hot friend" comes from the port city of Cayenne.

The color of cayenne pepper is green and yellow to dark red and the size between 2 and 20 cm. Nowadays large producers of cayenne pepper are some areas in West Africa, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, California, Guyana, Vietnam, Indonesia and India.

Red or yellow chili is several times hotter than green known as pepperoni. Most acrid of cayenne pepper are the seeds so before adding them on their culinary specialties, it is good thoroughly to remove them. Otherwise, they are able to literally burn from hotness and burn the stomach lining and esophagus.

When you clean it, do not forget to wash our hands and in any case not to touch your eyes, because there is a serious risk of blindness. Interestingly, tear gas is produced on the basis of Cayenne pepper.

The substance contained in Chilies - capsaicin gives special spicy taste, also significantly reduces the level of sugar in the blood. This is a prerequisite to suggest possible incorporation of the substance into preparations which can be used to treat diabetes. This fact is proved by an experiment on dogs after administration of capsaicin reported lower levels of glucose.


Nutrients in cayenne pepper

The most popular active ingredient in cayenne pepper is capsaicin. After it in importance ranks a plant form of vitamin A - beta-carotene. Capsaicin has a tendency to block the flow of nerve pain, which is a prerequisite for most alleviating inflammatory processes. Capsaicin as an analgesic agent is incorporated in creams for the prevention of pain in muscle, joint and bone injuries.

Beta-carotene is a powerful antioxidant. It has a high activity against disposal of free radicals. A single dose of an extract of Cayenne provides sufficient carotene for the synthesis of a third of the daily dose of vitamin A.

Storage of cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper can be purchased from specialty stores for spices. Keep it tightly closed in a dry and dark area.

Culinary use of cayenne pepper

In the winter a good idea to prepare mulled wine with exotic spices such as cinnamon, ginger, cloves and cayenne pepper. Cayenne pepper is used fresh, dried and milled. Use it very carefully because it is very hot. All who fall for spicy and hot food, appreciate cayenne pepper and add it to different sauces and in cooking vegetables and meat dishes.

Cayenne pepper perfectly enhances the flavor of beef, pork, fish, pretty vegetable broths and soups with meat. Cayenne pepper is a component of many sauces, including the famous Tabasco sauce, chili, ketchup, etc. Even the favorite of many of us, a mixture of spices curry, is quite often prepared with the addition of cayenne pepper. Cayenne pepper gives the dish a special and fresh, slightly bitter flavor. Quite often, cayenne pepper is added to some types of confectionery, in particular creams and mousses.

Recipe for chocolate mousse with cayenne pepper

Ingredients 2 eggs, 1 cup strong espresso, 1 tablespoon powdered sugar, 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper, 20 g butter, 100 grams of black chocolate, whipped cream - for decorating.

Preparation: Melt in a water bath with crushed chocolate espresso and add butter, pepper and two egg yolks. Stir rapidly until a homogeneous mixture. Allow to cool at room temperature. Beat the egg whites to stiff snow, adding to them powdered sugar. Gradually stir egg whites to the chocolate mixture in small movements. Spread chocolate mousse with cayenne pepper in glasses or dessert bowls. Leave to cool in the refrigerator and serve with whipped cream.


Health benefits of cayenne pepper

In folk medicine, cayenne pepper is considered one of the most powerful natural stimulants that is a valuable excitant. It has a heating effect, improves blood circulation and lymph circulation at the same time helping to prevent various infections.

Cayenne pepper stimulates and improves metabolic processes in the smallest capillaries and intracellular spaces into sites of inflammation. Spiciness stimulates the sweat glands and helps to free in the pores of toxins and harmful substances from the body. Moreover capsaicin acts smart, because the most powerful action appears in areas of inflammation.

Cayenne pepper reduces cholesterol and triglycerides and prevents the formation of blood clots. As mentioned, it stimulates digestion and has analgesic effects. Cayenne pepper is used for strengthening the cardiovascular system, even in headaches, diabetic neuropathy, as well as enhancing the activity of the digestive glands.

Dangers of cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper should not be handled by people who suffer from gastric and duodenal ulcers. Not recommended for pregnant and nursing mothers. Does not exclude the possibility of overdose to lead to some degree of toxicity in the liver and kidney.


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