Black Cumin

Black Cumin

Black Cumin, Nigella Sativa, is a legendary plant that comes from the East. Black cumin has a height of 15 - 23" (40 - 60 cm), and the seeds and plant oil derived from it are known under various names - black seed, Pharaonic oil and more.

The black cumin is used in oriental medicine as a means of treating a variety of health problems. The valuable herb grows near the Mediterranean Sea, Asia, the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa.

History of black cumin

Its history dates back to time immemorial. Archaeologists have found seeds of black cumin in excavations dating from the Mesolithic and Neolithic, showing that black cumin was used even 8000 years ago. Egyptologist Howard Carter discovered among Tutankhamen’s belongings oil and no one knew what it was.

It soon becomes clear that this is black cumin oil. Historians know that the ancient Egyptians used this oil in their daily lives, but what for - nobody knows. However, the fact that the oil of black cumin is among the things of Tutankhamen speaks of its importance. Nefertiti had used black cumin to preserve her beauty and youth.

The Old Testament mentions the importance of black cumin and even describes how to obtain the oil from it. The plant was known to the Romans, who called it Greek Coriander. The Greek physician Dioscorides used it as a remedy for toothache, headache and general health ailments.

Black Cumin spice

Evidence from ancient times on the widespread use of black cumin and research conducted on black cumin nowadays indicate that the plant is one of the main contenders for the health spice of the millennium.

Composition of black cumin

Black cumin oil contains over 100 active ingredients. It is rich in essential fatty acids, niacin, proteins, folic carotene, arginine and the like.

Selection and storage of black cumin

Black Cumin is in the stores in the form of oil and food additive. The oil should be stored in a dry and ventilated place. It should be kept out of reach of small children. Manufacturer and expiration date must be clearly indicated on the packaging.

Benefits of black cumin

Oil of black cumin is known for centuries as a powerful immune booster, having a series of health benefits that make it appropriate for different problems. Arginine, which is contained in the black cumin, is very useful for persons who have suffered traumas, burns, and inflammation. This compound neutralizes free radicals and stimulates the release of growth hormones, and the synthesis of collagen.

Arginine stimulates the production of prostaglandin E1 - it regulates brain function and nerve impulses, reduces inflammation and skin eczema, acting as a bronchodilator and vasodilator.

One of the most important components of black cumin – Nigelon, is very effective in bronchitis, asthma and respiratory diseases. It expands and relaxes the bronchial passages and at the same time, inhibits the release of histamines.

Black Cumin oil

Black cumin affects the thymus gland and at the same time stimulates it, namely, it is responsible for the body's defences. This leads to strengthening the immune system and the prevention of diseases and infections.

Use of the oil of black cumin stimulates the activity of bone marrow, which makes it an ideal agent for treating and preventing the development of tumours. In its antibacterial properties, black cumin surpasses many modern antibiotics, but unlike them, it does not harm the body. It is effective even against bacteria which has a strong resistance to drugs, such as cholera.

The oil of black cumin is used to combat allergies, colds, inflammations of the mouth, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, asthma, diabetes. The black cumin is effective in treating haemophilia, sinusitis, haemorrhoids, prostatitis, psoriasis, alopecia, diarrhoea. Helps with fatigue, worms, inadequate secretion of bile exhaustion. There are many good diuretic, antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal effects in it.

Oil of black cumin improves hair growth and prevents premature greying. It is included in the composition of creams to prevent wrinkles.

In order to enhance immunity and restore health in adults is recommended an intake of 1 tsp oil of black cumin twice a day - morning and evening. After taking the oil drink half a glass of water, with 1 tablespoon bee honey dissolved in it.

Oil of black cumin lowers blood sugar and cholesterol, stimulates the body and stimulates sexual activity, improves circulation and blood pressure, kills the growth of bacteria, microorganisms and destructive cells. Helps to increase milk supply, but should be taken after childbirth.

Dangers of black cumin

Oil of black cumin should not be used by pregnant women and people with transplanted organs, due to the risk of rejection.



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