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One of the things that help people preserve themselves and live their lives fully and continuously are endorphins, better known as the hormones of happiness.

While not the most perfect creation of mother nature, the human body is unique, and the brain is an amazing organ that controls all vital functions.

Usually diseases are associated with suffering, but it turns out that we can get rid of many problems and diseases with positive emotions and releases of endorphins.

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Endorphins are neurotransmitters that are produced in the brain. Their main function is reducing pain. Endorphins are released by the pituitary gland during strenuous exercise, orgasm or excitement.

They contribute to the overall health of a person and work as a natural cold remedy and for many other diseases as well.

During the 70s of the last century, scientists began to study how Chinese doctors managed to relieve pain in different parts of the body using acupuncture. Over time, it became clear that by using needles on the human body, substances similar to morphine were released.

They were given the name endorphins and only later was it learned that they were synthesized in the brain. Eventually, the effects of endorphins were explored fully. Pharmaceutical companies began to produce synthetic substitutes for endorphins to help treat depression and a variety of problems.

Benefits of endorphins


It became clear that the main function of endorphins is to reduce the sensation of pain. Moreover, they normalize blood pressure, the respiratory rate, help rapid healing of tissue and add a sense of joy, while also regulating the digestive system.

They are made in the brain, where they are distributed throughout the whole body, acting on different receptors. Through these receptors, endorphins regulate our lives.

They prevent stress, form emotions, heal wounds. Endorphins are a drug for practically everything. With their aid we can increase creativity, strengthen our immune system.

Increasing endorphins

Every person can carry out certain activities, which allow the brain to produce endorphins. The most common include:

Endorphin production

Exercise - physical activity and exercise lasting at least half an hour stimulates the brain to produce the hormone of happiness. It is not yet known what exactly leads to the release of endorphins - whether it's the muscle tension, release from the day's activities, or the competitive aspect.

Laughter and positive thinking - a positive personal attitude itself causes the release of endorphins. Furthermore, laughter is probably the greatest brain stimulator for the release of the hormone.

Acupuncture - in 1999, scientists proved that acupuncture carried out on certain points on the human body produces a strong release of endorphins. In cases of severe and chronic pain, the brain fails to produce the hormone of happiness.

Other activities that increase the level of endorphins is the consumption of chocolate and sex. Sun exposure is a proven method of endorphin production, while sex is certainly the most pleasant method of stimulating them.

Eating chillies is yet another method because when you eat spicy food, the tongue feels pain and the brain, in turn, immediately releases endorphins to relieve it.

Inducing fear may not be a very pleasant feeling, but a strong release of neurotransmitters is also observed then. Practicing extreme sports not only helps to increase adrenaline, but also the release of endorphins.

In short, the more endorphins the brain produces, the happier and better you will feel as a person. Positive thinking and a smile are the key to happiness.



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