Bromelain is a powerful enzyme of plant origin. In its natural form it's found in the fruit and stems of pineapples.

Bromelain has the ability to break down proteins, making it a desirable part of the diet of anyone who works out, bodybuilds or participates in sports that require a protein-rich diet.

Benefits of Bromelain

The main and most important function of bromelain is to catalyze the breakdown of proteins. With this property, bromelain differs significantly from the enzymes responsible for these functions in the human digestive system.

Breaking down protein amounts that exceed 40 g per single meal often require a reliable form of insurance, one which bromelain can successfully provide. It can best be absorbed in the small intestines.


The specific feature of bromelain lies in the fact that it functions equally well in a basic, as well as an acidic environment. A 2nd very important characteristic (especially for people who work out) is considered to be its ability to shorten the recovery time of soreness, muscle ache and other unpleasant muscular discomfort conditions.

Bromelain is a popular food supplement for recovering from various injuries - bruises, swellings, sprains, muscle tears and others.

Bromelain is not only an excellent catalyst of protein digestive processes in the stomach, small intestines and duodenum. It also has other important functions regarding the breakdown of proteins in tissues and the bloodstream.

Bromelain has a very high absorption rate in the body. Once in the bloodstream it aids nervous system function through its role in breaking down proteins unneeded by the body.

Another extremely important function of bromelain is to clean the blood vessel walls of any lipoproteins stuck to them. Thanks to this property, it treats varicose veins and works as a great preventative measure against such, as well as against gout.

Its overall beneficial actions on the digestive tract can relieve existing and worsening colic. Bromelain can be used therapeutically for respiratory problems (sinusitis, pneumonia, sore throat), as well as degenerative joint diseases (arthritis).

It's also claimed that bromelain can help cancer patients in their battle against tumors, prevent oral infections, be used in therapies for problems with the thyroid gland, prevent bacterial infections in the gut flora.

Pineapple Drink

Sources of Bromelain

In nature, the fruits and stems of pineapples are the richest sources of bromelain. The combination of fresh pineapple juice and protein foods greatly helps in breaking down the latter.

There are also numerous food supplements which can provide the required dose of the precious substance. Most joint rejuvenation products contain bromelain.

Daily Doses of Bromelain

Determining the daily dose of bromelain is quite a difficult task because it varies drastically according to each individual's goals. As such, it's best to follow the recommendations on the product package.

Dangers of Bromelain

Bromelain is a nontoxic enzyme. In very rare cases allergic reactions may occur. Due to its blood thinning properties, its use along with drugs with a similar action need to happen under medical control, to avoid complications.

Bromelain can greatly enhance absorption of certain groups of antibiotics. This can raise concentrations of it in the blood and may require a change in dosage. Consult with a doctor before taking antibiotics and bromelain concurrently.

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