Enzymes are a group of biologically active molecules which catalyze and regulate the biochemical processes in the body. The greater majority of them are protein-based and it can be firmly stated that they lie at the foundation of all vital processes.

Papain is a specific enzyme contained in the papaya fruit. Papain has a polypeptide chain composed of 212 amino acids.

Papain has the ability to break down protein molecules in a water environment at a certain acidity. It uses water molecules to rip apart the amino acid chains of proteins.

Benefits of Papain

Papain improves the digestive process and at the same time helps get rid of the symptoms that accompany poor digestion - diarrhea, gases, heaviness in the stomach and various other ailments.


Logically, taking papain will ease the work of the digestive system because the enzyme-producing cells in the pancreas have their limit. This is even more important for people who exercise and take in more proteins that those who don't.

If you're getting gases after a high-protein meal, don't bother counting the proteins you eat throughout the day. Regardless, the body does not digest and absorb everything, the symptoms prove this. The solution lies in eating smaller servings more frequently or taking enzymes with your food. Papain is exceptionally suitable in this case.

Among the yet unproven claims regarding the benefits of papain is faster and better healing after an injury; good anti-inflammatory action; reducing stiffness and pain in arthritis; reducing autoimmune responses in allergic people after consuming foods containing allergens.

Use of Papain

Papain is contained in various dietary supplements that improve digestion. It is used as an additive in ready-to-eat foods because it makes meat softer. It's also used to make beer crystal clear.

Papain also finds use in the cosmetics industry. What it does is it selectively breaks down the bonds between dead cells and removes them from the upper layer of skin, making it softer and smoother.

If you're using any type of abrasive (for sensitive, acne-laden skin, rosacea), facial masks with papain are irreplaceable. Due to their extraordinarily effectiveness in cleaning the upper layer of skin, products with papain can be used successfully as a 1st step in bleaching procedures.

Eating meat

Daily Doses of Papain

The various cosmetic products with papain have different concentrations of active enzymes. In addition, the effective dose of papain depends primarily on the amount of protein consumed.

It's recommended to follow the directions on the product labels. Supplements with papain must only be taken with food, during the main course.

Dangers of Papain

Hydrolytic enzymes, like papain, are considered safe for humans. However, people with stomach and duodenum ulcers should not take these enzymes before consulting with a gastroenterologist.

This also applies for people who experience a burning sensation in the stomach after taking these. This is a sure sign that the protective layer of the stomach is damaged and that the enzymes are breaking down supporting tissues.

Many doctors do not recommend combining these enzymes with vasodilating drugs. Papainis also not recommended for hemophiliacs. Pregnant women and breastfeeding women must consult with a doctor before they begin taking these enzymes.


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