How to Cook ChickpeasHow to Cook Chickpeas
25 Oct.
Chickpeas are cooked for long periods of time in order to become sufficiently palatable. Before cooking, soak the chickpeas for 14 hours in water, and then boil for no less than one hour....
How Long Do I Boil Bulgur?How Long Do I Boil Bulgur?
29 Mar.
Bring the bulgur to a boil, then cook for no longer than 15 min. on low heat. It's recommended to leave it for 10 min. to swell nicely after that and then stir....
How Long Should I Boil Potatoes?How Long Should I Boil Potatoes?
20 Mar.
The amount of time you should boil your potatoes depends on their size, variety and how you want them. Usually, old potatoes of medium size take about 25-30 min. to boil, with their peels....
How to Boil MacaroniHow to Boil Macaroni
26 Mar.
Once the pasta has been boiled, use a colander to drain out the water. First, rinse the colander with hot water to prepare it for draining the pasta....
How to Boil Buckwheat ProperlyHow to Boil Buckwheat Properly
26 June
To have the buckwheat turn out delicious, it needs to steam-boil rather than actually boil in the water....
How Do I Boil Spaghetti Correctly?How Do I Boil Spaghetti Correctly?
22 Oct.
But for a bowl of spaghetti to taste excellent, it's important to know not only the type of sauce to serve but how and how long to boil them....
21 Dec.
In the culinary traditions of many countries around the world chickpeas have long earned a place....
How long to grill which meatHow long to grill which meat
08 Jan.
Poultry and game, and also the products to go with it, need to be boiled, steamed or blanched. For veal, you need a little more time than pork....
How long products can be stored without a fridgeHow long products can be stored without a fridge
23 Nov.
Fish can not be kept for long, it spoils after 24 hours at room temperature. At minus 1 ° C, it deteriorates after 100 hours....
How Long Does it Take your Stomach to Process Different Beverages?How Long Does it Take your Stomach to Process Different Beverages?
18 Feb.
Unfortunately, there's no accurate data on how long it takes different beverages to get processed....
Five Spectacular Uses of ChickpeasFive Spectacular Uses of Chickpeas
24 Oct.
Chickpea Popcorn The only thing that beats eating popcorn when watching a movie is eating chickpea popcorn. Get a can of chickpeas. Take them out and dry them....
Roasted ChickpeasRoasted Chickpeas
21 Mar.
Soak the chickpeas overnight in water. Then discard the water and optionally, remove their skins. Put the chickpeas to boil until soft. Drain and transfer them into a bowl....
Five Ways to Boil PotatoesFive Ways to Boil Potatoes
18 Feb.
When boiled, we can use them as a garnish to a dish or for a potato salad. It is not difficult to boil a potato and you probably do it the same way every time....
How Long do Mushrooms Last in the Fridge?How Long do Mushrooms Last in the Fridge?
22 Mar.
Mushrooms can last several days in the fridge, as long as they're stored properly. Put them in a paper bag, then in a larger plastic bag with holes in several spots - to allow the mushrooms to breathe....
Chickpeas with VegetablesChickpeas with Vegetables
13 Sept.
Soak the chickpeas overnight, if using dry ones. When fresh, this is not necessary. Boil the chickpeas in salted water for 10-15 minutes. Change out the water and boil them again in salted water....