How Long Do I Boil Chickpeas?How Long Do I Boil Chickpeas?
22 Mar.
Chickpeas are legumes that are cooked just like all other legumes. To enjoy them fully, without experiencing unpleasant gasses or bloating, it's best to soak them first. Leave the soaked chickpeas to sit in the...
How Long Should I Boil Potatoes?How Long Should I Boil Potatoes?
20 Mar.
The amount of time you should boil your potatoes depends on their size, variety and how you want them. Usually, old potatoes of medium size take about 25-30 min. to boil, with their peels. Peeled old potatoes, of...
How to Boil MacaroniHow to Boil Macaroni
26 Mar.
it is already boiling. Once you put in the macaroni, stir only once to separate the pieces. 2. It is not necessary to cover the container with a lid. The water comes to a boil quickly and there is a danger of the...
How to Prepare BulgurHow to Prepare Bulgur
01 July
Bulgur is traditionally used in Mediterranean cuisine to make soups, salads, appetizers and main courses. It is a wheat product, consisting of crumbled and dried wheat grains. There exist coarse grained...
How to Boil Buckwheat ProperlyHow to Boil Buckwheat Properly
26 June
healthy, if you learn how to prepare it it can serve as an addition to soups, a basis for salads, main courses, baked pastries and even desserts. Like rice, buckwheat is not difficult to prepare, just be...
How long to grill which meatHow long to grill which meat
08 Jan.
a little more time than pork. Its baking time depends on how you have prepared your meat - pre- boiling, steaming or blanching. When browning the meat, it is essential to achieve the golden and crispy crust. This is...
How Do I Boil Spaghetti Correctly?How Do I Boil Spaghetti Correctly?
22 Oct.
make. But for a bowl of spaghetti to taste excellent, it's important to know not only the type of sauce to serve but how and how long to boil them. But the truth is, even though they're quite high in calories...
How Long do Mushrooms Last in the Fridge?How Long do Mushrooms Last in the Fridge?
22 Mar.
days in the fridge, as long as they're stored properly. Put them in a paper bag, then in a larger plastic bag with holes in several spots - to allow the mushrooms to breathe. Don't wash them or cut them before you put...
How long products can be stored without a fridgeHow long products can be stored without a fridge
23 Nov.
container, then cover it with a lid. Fish can not be kept for long, it spoils after 24 hours at room temperature. At minus 1 ° C, it deteriorates after 100 hours. Fresh fish can be stored for two days in the summer, if...
How Long Does it Take your Stomach to Process Different Beverages?How Long Does it Take your Stomach to Process Different Beverages?
18 Feb.
what you should know in terms of the stomach's digestion of various drinks: - Whenever you're making yourself fresh-squeezed orange juice and wondering how long it'll take your body to digest it, know that it depends...
15 Nov.
Bulgur is a wholesome wheat food that comes from milled, dried and crushed grains, most often made from hard or white wheat. For quite a long time now, bulgur has been anchored in the culinary traditions of the Balkans...
Bulgur CasseroleBulgur Casserole
13 Dec.
Heat the oil in a pan and fry the finely chopped onion and cleaned and sliced mushrooms. Once tender, season them with spices and remove from the heat. Put the bulgur in a pan, add fried vegetables and spices to...
Bulgur MeatballsBulgur MeatballsPut the washed and drained bulgur to boil, then drain it well again in a colander. Add the minced meat, coarsely chopped onion, chopped garlic, all the spices, a little lemon juice and the tomato puree. Shape the...
Long Island Iced TeaLong Island Iced Tea
03 Apr.
When making a Long Island Iced Tea cocktail, take a highball glass and fill it up halfway with coarsely crushed iced. Pour in the listed amounts of light rum, gin, vodka, tequila, orange liqueur and the juice of half...
Long-Lasting PickleLong-Lasting Pickle
25 Apr.
Boil a marinade made from the water, vinegar, salt, bay leaves, black pepper, allspice, oil and honey for half an hour. Arrange the thoroughly washed and cleaned peppers in jars. Between them, put parsley, slices of carrot and cauliflower florets. Pour the cooled marinade in....