What to Eat When Temperatures are Very LowWhat to Eat When Temperatures are Very Low
20 Jan.
When temperatures are lower this also means having to change our diet to protect our body from the freezing temperatures. We must increase our intake of proteins and vitamins....
Amazing No-Bake CakeAmazing No-Bake Cake
21 Mar.
Blend the biscuits in a blender. Melt the butter and mix with the biscuits. Spread out the mixture in a form with removable sides and smooth out with a spoon. Leave in the freezer briefly to harden. With the mixer on low...
How to bake homemade breadHow to bake homemade bread
08 Jan.
You can put them in the oven and turn it to the lowest temperature, then also leave them to rest as needed, and then increase to 180 degrees. Bake until a crust is formed on the top and bottom....
Baked Potato CakeBaked Potato Cake
21 Apr.
Bake at {180 °C} about 40 min. Shortly before removing it from the oven, add the remaining grated cheese. Slide a knife between the cake and form, separate it from the ring....
Baked Salty CakeBaked Salty CakeBake the salty cake for 10-15 minutes in a very hot oven....
How to make cake decorationsHow to make cake decorations
12 Jan.
The decoration of a cake should be tailored to the type of icing....
Techniques for Cutting Cake LayersTechniques for Cutting Cake Layers
20 Nov.
Often, hosts have difficulties cutting the baked cake. Usually they try to cut it with a knife, but in most cases it is crushed or falls apart....
Revolutionary: the 1-Minute CakeRevolutionary: the 1-Minute Cake
17 Sept.
The cake is in fact contained in a can, similar to the kind whipped cream is sold in. All the chef has to do is squeeze it into muffin forms or a cake form. And then bake the cake....
Exquisite No-Bake Apple CakeExquisite No-Bake Apple Cake
21 June
Smear a round cake form (with removable walls is fine) with butter. Crumble the biscuits and arrange 1/2 of them in the form to make a layer....
No Bake Cake with BiscottiNo Bake Cake with Biscotti
15 Jan.
Melt the 2nd LZ white chocolate with 1 1/3 tbsp (20 g) butter and 1 tbsp water and once it becomes runny, pour it over the cake. Put the ready cake in the fridge for 1 hour or more before serving....
Economical CakesEconomical Cakes
08 Sept.
What's better than preparing homemade cakes, that are not only delicious but inexpensive as well? The first economical recipe we have prepared contains Turkish delight....
How to Make a Cake GlazeHow to Make a Cake Glaze
18 Jan.
A glaze is used to cover the top of some cakes, to make them look more appetizing. A glaze needs to be applied with a brush and then dried in a {60 °C} oven. You can glaze other sweet desserts as well....
No-Bake Cake with Cottage CheeseNo-Bake Cake with Cottage Cheese
21 May
Grind the biscuits with the butter. Cover a rectangular tray with stretch wrap. Distribute the biscuit mixture along the bottom and halfway up the walls, while pressing. Beat the cottage cheese to a smooth consistency...
The Best Creams for a Biscuit CakeThe Best Creams for a Biscuit Cake
14 Oct.
Suitable for biscuit cakes are the classic butter cream, Bavarian cream and caramel cream....
Six Ideas for the Perfect Cake GlazeSix Ideas for the Perfect Cake Glaze
28 June
The same type of glaze can be used for cakes, as well as for cupcakes or muffins....