Five easy ways to lower your blood pressureFive easy ways to lower your blood pressure
04 Jan.
by a study in Israel. To make this even better, the tomatoes can strengthen your immune system and lower your blood pressure....
Eating Raisins 3 Times a Week Lowers Blood PressureEating Raisins 3 Times a Week Lowers Blood Pressure
15 May
boundaries. - Watermelons can also help lower the blood pressure of overweight people. American scientists are categorical that the fruit decreases the risk of a heart attack. The team of Prof. Arturo Figueroa...
Fruit Juices Raise Blood PressureFruit Juices Raise Blood Pressure
18 Nov.
by scientists from the Swinburne University of Technology in Australia has discovered a real health risk from the consumption of fruit juices - high blood pressure. It is guaranteed for people who regularly...
Diet for high blood pressureDiet for high blood pressure
03 Jan.
and weight - obesity is a common contributing factor. A person may be genetically predisposed to hypertension too. High blood pressure usually does not cause noticeable symptoms, but it does not cause any easily visible...
Products for lowering blood pressureProducts for lowering blood pressure
24 Jan.
, which in turn lowers blood pressure. Suffice to add two celery stalks to your salad - this will load your body with the optimal dose of phthalide. Celery salad will satisfy your meals and offer not only nutrients but also...
Food to lower your blood sugarFood to lower your blood sugar
28 Jan.
for diabetics are sweet carbonated beverages, syrups, jams, nectars, melon and grapes. Products that reduce blood sugar are topinambur, beans, garlic, onions, spinach, celery, all kinds of cabbage and...
Forbidden foods for high blood pressureForbidden foods for high blood pressure
03 Jan.
High blood pressure and hypertension affect large numbers of people. The condition is known as a silent killer because there are usually small and inconspicuous signs and symptoms. Lifestyle choices, including proper...
Hibiscus tea significantly reduces your blood pressureHibiscus tea significantly reduces your blood pressure
10 Jan.
alternative medicine expert Andrew Wells. "Studies have found that people who drank two cups of hibiscus tea daily for four weeks lowered their blood pressure by 12% - results similar to those for conventional blood pressure...
What not to eat for high blood pressure and cholesterolWhat not to eat for high blood pressure and cholesterol
12 Jan.
weight can also help to lower blood pressure. In other words, it is better to monitor and reduce your intake of high-calorie foods, such as sweets and fatty foods, for example. You can add products to control...
Juice from Beetroots Instead of Blood Pressure PillsJuice from Beetroots Instead of Blood Pressure Pills
31 May
If you don't know or haven't heard about how healthy the juice from beetroots is, it's time to learn. Just 1 glass of beetroot juice per day is enough to lower high blood pressure. It's good for hypertensives even...
Potatoes Lower CholesterolPotatoes Lower Cholesterol
20 May
well as nicotinic and pantothenic acid and starch, which lower cholesterol. Potatoes, especially some varieties such as the red ones, contain a lot of potassium - this is why cardiologists advise their patients to...
Blood PuddingBlood Puddingground black pepper. Fill the intestines with the mixture. Tie off the ends of the blood sausages, pierce with a needle and put them to boil in the same water in which you boiled the livers. Put a plate on the top that...
30 Dec.
allicin, you have to wait a few minutes before eating or preparing already chopped or crushed garlic. Numerous studies demonstrate the potential benefits of regular consumption of garlic for blood pressure, platelet...
Bloody MariaBloody Maria
04 Nov.
Combine the tomato juice, tequila, sauces and lemon juice in a shaker. Add the salt, freshly ground black pepper to taste and 4 ice cubes. Shake well and pour the mixture into 2 glasses, with 2 more ice cubes in each...
Bloody MaryBloody Mary
08 Sept.
Bloody Mary can vary - use a slice of lime, a slice of tomato or cherry tomato around the rim of the glass and a celery stalk....