24 Mar.
Flavonoid glycosides - their aglycones are flavonoids, flavonols and others. The term comes from "flavus" - yellow; since they are colored pale yellow to yellow-orange....
24 Apr.
Flavonoids are also included in polyphenols, antioxidants that include several subclasses - flavones, flavonols, isoflavones, anthocyanins, flavanones, proanthocyanidins....
A Handful of Grapes Daily Gets Rid of Migraine and ConstipationA Handful of Grapes Daily Gets Rid of Migraine and Constipation
25 Aug.
These are in addition to key elements, such as potassium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium and selenium. 4/5 cup (200 g) of grapes give our body a flavonoid bomb; flavonoids being extremely potent antioxidants -...
Chocolate and Wine Protect Against Type 2 DiabetesChocolate and Wine Protect Against Type 2 Diabetes
03 Sept.
The researchers analyzed the data, evaluating the total amount of flavonoids taken with the food of each participant....
Vitamin PVitamin P
04 Dec.
Synonyms of Vitamin P are bioflavonoids - rutine epicatehin, tseptrine, citrine, flavonoid hesperidine....
Why We Should Eat Mandarins Every DayWhy We Should Eat Mandarins Every Day
02 Feb.
No less important is the fact that they contain an abundance of flavonoid antioxidants, including naringenin, hesperetin, vitamin A, carotenoids, xanthine, lutein....
04 Nov.
Generally phytoestrogens are a heterogeneous group of different compounds - flavonols, catechins, flavonoids, flavones and anthocyanins....
Ten ways to strengthen your immune systemTen ways to strengthen your immune system
28 Nov.
Stock up with flavonoids Flavonoids have strong anticancer properties and stimulate the immune system. They block tumors early....
The Tastiest Fall Foods That are Also HealthyThe Tastiest Fall Foods That are Also Healthy
19 Oct.
They contain flavonoids, some of the most powerful antioxidants. Numerous studies have shown that people who eat foods rich in flavonoids are at a lower risk of heart diseases and heart attack....
Salvia and how to use itSalvia and how to use it
24 Jan.
Like rosemary, sage contains a variety of essential oils, flavonoids (including apigenine, luteoline and diostetine) and phenolic acids, named after rosemary, ie. rosemary acids....
Wild StrawberryWild Strawberry
29 Apr.
Leaves of wild strawberries contain vitamin C, tannins, flavonoids and qwertsitin, traces of alkaloids....
Scientists: Drinking Beer Makes People SmarterScientists: Drinking Beer Makes People Smarter
08 Oct.
Thanks to this flavonoid, metabolism is sped up, the fatty acids in the liver are reduced and the thinking process is significantly improved....
07 Dec.
In parsley, there are apiin flavonoids, apigenin, luteolin and crisoeriol. It is these two types of unusual components /oils and flavonoids/ contained in parsley, which provide unique health benefits....
17 Jan.
Along with the antioxidants and dietary fiber contained in apples, flavonoids are a third reason for these fruits to be included in a good heart supporting diet....
Eat Mangoes to Protect Yourself from InfectionsEat Mangoes to Protect Yourself from Infections
14 Mar.
Fruits in general are rich in phytochemicals with a high antioxidant potential: carotenoids (alpha and beta-carotene, lutein), polyphenols (quercetin), flavonoids, (kaempferol), gallic acid, tannins, caffeic...

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