Diet for high blood pressureDiet for high blood pressure
03 Jan.
In developed countries, about 15-30 percent of all adults suffer from high blood pressure - hypertension. High blood pressure puts strain on the heart and arteries, causing damage to delicate tissues....
What not to eat for high blood pressure and cholesterolWhat not to eat for high blood pressure and cholesterol
12 Jan.
In other words, it is better to monitor and reduce your intake of high-calorie foods, such as sweets and fatty foods, for example. You can add products to control hypertension and high blood pressure to your diet....
Products for lowering blood pressureProducts for lowering blood pressure
24 Jan.
Proper nutrition is essential for high blood pressure. If you have high blood pressure, focus on the consumption of dairy products fruits and vegetables, and products that are low in fat and cholesterol....
Healthy Foods for Each Blood TypeHealthy Foods for Each Blood Type
29 Apr.
It has been discovered that chemical reactions take place between our blood type and the food we consume. The main reason for this lies in lectins, which are proteins of plant origin, found in food....
Fruit Juices Raise Blood PressureFruit Juices Raise Blood Pressure
18 Nov.
A new study done by scientists from the Swinburne University of Technology in Australia has discovered a real health risk from the consumption of fruit juices - high blood pressure....
Does Garlic Lower Blood Pressure?Does Garlic Lower Blood Pressure?
19 May
High blood pressure is regulated with the help of garlic and its well-expressed diuretic action....
Which Foods Raise Blood Sugar?Which Foods Raise Blood Sugar?
14 Apr.
In addition, the foods that raise blood sugar fastest, i.e. have a high glycemic index, you must stay away from completely....
Hibiscus tea significantly reduces your blood pressureHibiscus tea significantly reduces your blood pressure
10 Jan.
The condition is very common in the developed world, one in three people in the UK suffer from high blood pressure....
Tasty Garnish for Grilled FoodsTasty Garnish for Grilled Foods
30 June
This is a very delicious appetizer but also works as a garnish for grilled foods or as a main course. Enjoy!...
Diet for high cholesterolDiet for high cholesterol
08 Jan.
Dark chocolate, which contains more than seventy percent cocoa, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure and prevents the formation of clots....
Dieting for high cholesterolDieting for high cholesterol
28 Nov.
While we often think that a diet which is high in fat is a source of high- cholesterol, a diet high in simple sugars, can also affect cholesterol levels negatively....
Juice from Beetroots Instead of Blood Pressure PillsJuice from Beetroots Instead of Blood Pressure Pills
31 May
Just 1 glass of beetroot juice per day is enough to lower high blood pressure....
Five easy ways to lower your blood pressureFive easy ways to lower your blood pressure
04 Jan.
Tomatoes can even stop the oxidation of LDL cholesterol, which causes it to stick to the walls of the arteries and narrows them, causing high blood pressure....
Eating Raisins 3 Times a Week Lowers Blood PressureEating Raisins 3 Times a Week Lowers Blood Pressure
15 May
Other foods which decrease blood pressure are: - Kiwi - Representatives of the American Heart Association are adamant that if you eat 3 kiwis a day, your blood pressure will fall into the normal boundaries....
Foods That Save us from High Stomach AcidsFoods That Save us from High Stomach Acids
29 Oct.
Whole grain products Products such as quinoa, amaranth and millet contain a high amount of potassium, which relieves stomach acidity....