Good Health Pita DobiGood Health Pita Dobi
04 Apr.
Sift the flour. Dissolve the yeast with the sugar and a little flour in 1/2 the milk. Wait for it to activate. Beat the eggs with the rest of the products. Knead a nice smooth dough, leave it in a warm area to rise, covered...
Foods That are Good for your Mental HealthFoods That are Good for your Mental Health
26 July
It'll be both delicious and good for your mental well-being. Figs are another healthy fruit....
Couscous is Good for the HeartCouscous is Good for the Heart
18 June
Consumption of couscous protects the heart from problems - the reason is the potassium found in the product. This mineral is critical for regulating blood pressure and cardiac rhythm....
Fluffy Round Good Health LoafFluffy Round Good Health Loaf
15 May
Dissolve the yeast in the slightly heated milk with the sugar and 3 tbsp flour, leave in a warm area to rise. Sift the remaining flour in a large container, add the salt and stir well. Make a well and in it add the rest...
Top 5 products for healthy heartTop 5 products for healthy heart
10 Jan.
These nuts increase the amount of good HDL cholesterol in the blood. Studies have shown that when a menu is rich in nuts, the risk of chronic heart disease falls by 35%. 5. Avocado....
Suitable spices for lambSuitable spices for lamb
09 Jan.
With the tip of a knife, make small incisions in the meat and put pieces of garlic and spices within it. Leave it to absorb the spices and then roast the meat....
Spices for Splendid FishSpices for Splendid Fish
25 Feb.
Cloves are an ideal spice for khash, both for its warm and jellied versions. They give it an exquisite taste, which hides the heavy garlic flavor....
Suitable Spices for MushroomsSuitable Spices for Mushrooms
29 Jan.
Mushrooms can handle any kind of heat treatment and are appropriate not only for consumption by themselves, but also as additions to many dishes. An important necessity for great-tasting mushrooms are the spices....
Spices Suitable for FishSpices Suitable for Fish
13 Nov.
It is a typical Mediterranean spice. Fragrant crushed thyme is the perfect complement to both sauces for fish and fish crumbing. The Indian spice coriander also falls in the list of spices suitable for fish....
Spices for Main DishesSpices for Main Dishes
04 May
To make a dish of meat and vegetables more aromatic, season them with a suitable spices. Cauliflower yields great flavor if you sprinkle it with basil, nutmeg, savory....
Munch on Popcorn for a Healthy HeartMunch on Popcorn for a Healthy Heart
08 Dec.
Just 2 tbsp (30 g) of it, she says, is better for you than the daily dose of rice and baked goods. Few of us may be familiar with the fact that popcorn lowers the risk of heart attack and cancer....
Spices for a Better MemorySpices for a Better Memory
07 May
It is much better to use herbs or spices to improve memory, rather than pills, since the natural remedies will also provide additional benefits to our health....
5 Spices for New Chefs5 Spices for New Chefs
25 Aug.
Another important spice is ginger - this is the spice that good chefs use both in desserts, as well as in main dishes. Ginger is added to bakery goods, bread, biscuits and all sorts of pastries....
Recipe for Better HealthRecipe for Better Health
30 July
Add the spices. Transfer to a jar and leave in the fridge for 1 week. After 1 week, start taking 1 tbsp 30 min. before meals. Starting from the very first week, you'll notice an improvement in your vision....
Three Tasty Spices That are Healthy TooThree Tasty Spices That are Healthy Too
22 Jan.
The use of herbs and spices is not only important from a culinary perspective but from a health one as well. A whole lot of people use certain spices just for their healing properties....