Sterilized ChanterellesSterilized Chanterelles
13 Dec.
Clean and wash the chanterelles very well, to remove any sand or dirt on them. Bring water to a boil, put a little salt in it and add the mushrooms to boil about 15 min....
What Do you Know about Swiss Cuisine?What Do you Know about Swiss Cuisine?
27 Feb.
You can choose between small onion heads, very tiny pickles, mushrooms (the chanterelle is a suitable choice), young corn, red peppers and whatever else you may like....
Stuffed Holiday Rabbit in the OvenStuffed Holiday Rabbit in the Oven
25 Dec.
Pour in 1 cup broth, add the finely chopped chanterelles and thyme leaves. Put a lid on the pan and leave it on low heat until the rice absorbs the broth....
Stuffed Duck with Wild MushroomsStuffed Duck with Wild Mushrooms
23 Feb.
Add mushrooms (I personally used home-canned chanterelles, but you can use any other sort, but if they are raw you will have to wait a little longer until the water evaporates a little)....