Diet Cake without SweetenersDiet Cake without Sweeteners
27 Nov.
Put the fruit in a colander to strain. Put the wine, water and honey to heat up, but not boil, then dissolve the gelatin that you've pre-swollen in water. Pour a thin layer of this mixture onto the bottom of a rinsed...
Double Sweetened CarrotsDouble Sweetened Carrots
25 Mar.
Choose carrots with bright orange color and wash them. Gently scrape and re-wash them, cut them into slices with a thickness from 15 to 19 mm. They are cooked until tender, then cooled. From the cooked carrots, different...
Cream with Yoghurt and SweetenerCream with Yoghurt and Sweetener
11 Apr.
Beat the egg yolk, put the sweetener and vanilla in. Beat the egg white with sweetener into snow, mix carefully with the egg yolk....
Cake with Plums and SweetenerCake with Plums and Sweetener
29 July
The oven is heated to {180°C}. Grease a tin with fat and flour it. Can use baking paper. In a bowl, whisk the eggs and fructose. Add olive oil and mix well with a fork. Add the vanilla, lemon zest and yogurt. Mix the...
Acesulfame KAcesulfame K
27 Apr.
Yet another sweetener that brings rise to conflicting views is acesulfame K. Many of the foods people eat daily are sweetened with artificial sweeteners. One of the most common is acesulfame K, also known as Е950....
27 Nov.
Saccharin (E954) is an artificial sweetener, and a synthetic sugar substitute. It is the oldest known artificial sweetener, being used well before the rest (aspartame, cyclamate), in the 19th century....
27 Nov.
It is an integral part of most marketed sweeteners....
Monk Fruit is the New Sugar SubstituteMonk Fruit is the New Sugar Substitute
27 Aug.
Oftentimes however, artificial sweeteners are linked with numerous diseases and certain types of cancer. For this reason, the search for natural sweeteners has begun....
18 May
For this reason, pregnant and nursing women should consult with an expert before they begin using this sweetener....
27 Nov.
Aspartame is an artificial sweetener, used as a food additive sugar substitute. It refers to synthetic sweeteners and can be absorbed by the body, unlike glucose....
Sodas with Added Sugar Kill 180 000 People AnnuallySodas with Added Sugar Kill 180 000 People Annually
02 July
At the same time, the mortality rate caused by consumption of sweetened sodas in Japan is less than 1%....
28 Jan.
Stevia can be used daily as a substitute for sugar as a sweetener, which unlike other sweeteners, is completely harmless and brings only benefits to the body....
Palm SugarPalm Sugar
03 June
Agave nectar has also gained fame as a sweetener for its low glycemic index....
Ten healthy sugar substitutesTen healthy sugar substitutes
03 Jan.
It can be purchased in the form of granules, sugar substitute (much like the popular artificial sweeteners) or liquid form. Eating stevia is done worldwide....
26 Jan.
Even though xylitol's calorie count is similar to that of sugar, its sweetness is comparable to that of saccharose, the biological value of the sweetener is very low....