Sea SaltSea Salt
26 Jan.
Water from salt water is collected in so called. "Salt gardens", to evaporate from the sun, then the salt remains to dry completely....
Himalayan SaltHimalayan Salt
09 Aug.
Himalayan salt is the perfect healthy substitute for table salt....
Epsom SaltEpsom Salt
22 Jan.
Detoxification with Epsom Salt Epsom salt is used with superb success to cleanse the gastrointestinal tract....
Can We Substitute Table Salt with Sea Salt?Can We Substitute Table Salt with Sea Salt?
23 Oct.
Unlike table salt, sea salt is distinguished by its high iodine content. In the manufacturing of table salt, this element is artificially added....
How to Salt BaconHow to Salt Bacon
09 May
The piece is rubbed with salt on all sides. Should not worry about pressing the bacon - if salt is too much, it just will not take it. Similarly pre-cubed bacon can be salted. Then each cube is salted....
Salt Makes Us DumberSalt Makes Us Dumber
27 Jan.
That's why you shouldn't go overboard with salt and should not over-salt dishes, especially if there are elderly people in your family....
Surprising Applications of SaltSurprising Applications of Salt
03 June
Vegetables boil quickly and retain their nutritional value to a great extent when boiled in salted water. After washing, soak green salad and lettuce for 10 to 15 min. in salted water to remove any worms....
21 Apr.
Another downside is that most salo is sold highly salted....
Unique Tips for Using SaltUnique Tips for Using Salt
29 Apr.
Add salt to boiling water. Many people think that if you add salt to the water on the stove, it will make the water boil faster. This is not true....
If You Over- Salt a Dish...If You Over- Salt a Dish...
18 May
Fish should be emphasized salty, so salt thoroughly. The vegetables get added salt, but less than the fish. If you over- salt, you can not fix them unless you know some tricks....
When is it proper to add saltWhen is it proper to add salt
07 Jan.
Most recipes mention salt, or a pinch of salt....
When to Salt Different Products During CookingWhen to Salt Different Products During Cooking
26 Nov.
Most of us salt it right away after we cut/tear it. And the result? Within minutes, the salad ends up swimming in water....
US Children Eat Way Too Much SaltUS Children Eat Way Too Much Salt
12 Sept.
The use of salt in the food industry needs to be limited....
Salty Goodies with PearsSalty Goodies with Pears
24 Feb.
Take a look at some options for salty goodies with pears....
How much salt do we need to be healthy?How much salt do we need to be healthy?
03 Jan.
In the same way as salt, excess sugar and meat is not good for you. Reduce your refined sugar, meat and salt intake, if you need salt, use rock or sea salt. Common man needs four to fifteen grams of salt daily....