Eating Right During Summer VacationEating Right During Summer Vacation
15 Aug.
But healthy and proper eating is exceptionally difficult to stick to during a vacation, especially if you've gone to a particular place for the first time ever....
Eating Right During Spring FatigueEating Right During Spring Fatigue
24 Mar.
Most people complain about spring fatigue at the beginning of spring, commonly expressed in constant weakness, getting tired quickly during physical activity, frequent headaches, bad mood, insomnia....
Distractions During Meals Increase AppetiteDistractions During Meals Increase Appetite
11 June
Those participants who watched TV also ate 19% more of the baked cookies than the participants who did not have their attention distracted during eating....
Experts: Limit Beer Consumption During SummerExperts: Limit Beer Consumption During Summer
28 Aug.
A heavy laden food plate during summer vacation is among the priorities for many people but this is a huge mistake. Experts have long been advising to eat more light foods during the summer....
Foods to Avoid During the SummerFoods to Avoid During the Summer
06 July
Fatty meat - the fats in fattier types of meat, especially pork, are also not at all healthy during the summer....
When to Salt Different Products During CookingWhen to Salt Different Products During Cooking
26 Nov.
Add the remaining salt about halfway during boiling. Soups with meat need to be salted at the end of boiling, and those with fish - at the very beginning....
What to Eat During the Heat WavesWhat to Eat During the Heat Waves
12 Aug.
During hot weather, drink lots of water - twice the amount you would drink during cold weather. Water is essential especially during physical exercises, when a person sweats and needs to restore the moisture lost....
Apricots are the Perfect Breakfast During SummerApricots are the Perfect Breakfast During Summer
23 June
Apricots can be bought at any time during the year. The season during which European countries grow them is from May to September....
Six Cocktails to Try During the SummerSix Cocktails to Try During the Summer
06 July
With summer in full swing, there are several cocktails you simply need to try. Those who would like to can prepare them themselves, while those who really want to laze around can order them in any bar. Americano The...
Foods That Keep Us Healthy During the WinterFoods That Keep Us Healthy During the Winter
10 Dec.
To get over colds and viruses during the winter season, we need to be very careful when choosing each and every thing we put in our mouth....
Honey - An Immune System Booster During Cold WeatherHoney - An Immune System Booster During Cold Weather
12 Dec.
Cold winter days can weaken our immune system and make us susceptible to unpleasant viruses and colds. Therefore, it is a good idea to boost it using various natural methods. Honey and bee products in general hold...
Foods to Eat and Avoid During Kidney FailureFoods to Eat and Avoid During Kidney Failure
22 Oct.
During a kidney failure, patients are hospitalized until the failure passes. Sometimes this means a longer stay at the medical facility....
Beware! The Smelliest Foods in the WorldBeware! The Smelliest Foods in the World
23 Sept.
Durian The durian is a fruit from Southeastern Asia used as a filling for scones and to make shakes. It has many fans in the countries in which it is eaten....
Pork Shank in FoilPork Shank in Foil
02 Apr.
Serve with mashed potatoes and the sauce released in the foil during baking....
Wild Hare with Spicy SauceWild Hare with Spicy SaucePut cleaned hare (rear half) in the marinade for 1-2 hours, turn the rabbit once during marinating....

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