Stuffed Lamb with LovageStuffed Lamb with LovageClean, wash and salt the lamb inside and out. Leave it for 2 hours as is. Meanwhile, boil the lungs, liver, heart, intestines (washed several times) and the cleaned tripe for 30 min. Once the offal cools, cut it finely....
Roasted Lamb with Green Onions and LovageRoasted Lamb with Green Onions and Lovage
25 Aug.
Cut the stems of the lovage finely and add them to the lamb. Season the meat with the spices. Pour oil on top and put the dish to bake in a preheated {200 °C} oven, while stirring the meat periodically....
Chocolate LoveChocolate Love
10 Sept.
Sieve the flour with the cocoa. Mix the baking soda and salt with the two types of sugar. Add the water, vinegar, oil and vanilla. Stir with a mixer on medium speed until the products are mixed well. Pour into a square...
Cake with LoveCake with Love
06 Mar.
Mix the eggs with the sugar. Beat the mixture well and add the yogurt. Add the baking powder or the baking soda, extinguished in the yogurt ahead of time. Optionally, add the powdered cocoa. Add the flour, mix into a...
Brazilian Love ElixirBrazilian Love ElixirDissolve the sugar in the warm milk and heat for 1 min. on low heat. Crumble the chocolate into pieces and add them to the milk. Add 1 cup of hot water. Add the honey, rum, salt and cayenne pepper. Heat it up without...
Love Confession CakeLove Confession Cake
16 Feb.
Beat the confectionery cream, while adding the sugar and vanilla, continue stirring until it becomes a thick cream. Set aside a little of it and color it with just a bit of dye, to provide a hint of purple. Start arranging...
Love Dessert for TwoLove Dessert for Two
25 Mar.
Carefully clean the pitted cherries. In the place of the pits, put hazelnuts. Place in a plate and form cream roses on each cherry....
Panna Cotta Doves in LovePanna Cotta Doves in Love
15 Feb.
First, dissolve the 2 packets of gelatin in 3 1/3 tbsp (50 ml) water and leave it to swell, about 5 min. In the meantime, put the confectionery cream in a pot on the stove with the milk and sugar, stir until they come...
Cheesecake for Couples in LoveCheesecake for Couples in Love
15 Feb.
Grind the biscuits and mix them with the melted butter. Mix well, lay it out and press the mixture with a spoon along the bottom of a cake form with a ring, laid out with baking paper. Put the cake form in the fridge for...
Croque-Monsieur - Love at First BiteCroque-Monsieur - Love at First Bite
23 Mar.
Cut the cheese and ham into medium-thick pieces. Grate the emmental. To make the Bechamel sauce, put the butter in a pot on the stove, once it melts, add the flour and stir. Braise the flour for 1 min. and pour in the...
Love Cake with Apples and Turkish DelightLove Cake with Apples and Turkish Delight
16 Dec.
Separate the egg whites from the yolks. Beat the whites to snow. To them add the sugar and continue beating. Then add the yolks, oil, baking soda (extinguished in a little vinegar) and finally the flour with the baking...
The Chicken You`ll Fall in Love WithThe Chicken You`ll Fall in Love With
19 Oct.
Cut the chicken in 2 down the middle. Smear 1/2 of it with the marinade, prepared by mixing together the oil, mustard, salt, black pepper, paprika, oregano and basil. Put it in an oven-safe dish, pour in a cup of beer...
The food of LoveThe food of Love
11 Jan.
Passionate sex is not just about Barry White’s music, but also about knowledge of the human body. To make your sexual life different and interesting, experiment in the kitchen. Honey Have you ever wonder why the first...
Pita Heart, 2 in 1, for Couples in LovePita Heart, 2 in 1, for Couples in Love
16 Feb.
Pour 1 cup of the warm milk in a bowl, add the sugar, yeast and 1 tbsp flour, leave it to activate. Whisk the eggs with the remaining products, sift the flour and knead a nice, smooth dough. Leave it covered in a warm...
Baked Trout with PotatoesBaked Trout with Potatoes
08 Jan.
Sprinkle on the remaining lovage and put to bake in a preheated {200 °C} oven until reddened....