The Secret to Delicious ShrimpThe Secret to Delicious Shrimp
17 Feb.
Many seafood lovers prefer shrimp and not just because they are a true delicacy but because they are mouth-wateringly good. Aside from their juicy meat, they contain many vitamins, valuable micronutrients and...
The Secret to Delicious MinestroneThe Secret to Delicious Minestrone
11 Sept.
Minestrone is a meatless soup characteristic of Italy but known worldwide. It contains a rich abundance of a myriad of vegetables typical of the region. It's appropriate for colder days when the body has need of...
The Secret Behind Delicious FalafelsThe Secret Behind Delicious Falafels
28 Aug.
The vegetarian meatballs known as falafels, which are made from chickpeas, are popular all over the world. Their country of origin is thought to be Egypt but they have transformed into a national dish of Yemen and...
Secrets of the delicious minceSecrets of the delicious mince
08 Jan.
Yes there is a secret, but it is not only the choice of appropriate spices, but in the correct proportions....
The Secret to a Delicious Pork ShankThe Secret to a Delicious Pork Shank
03 Nov.
Serve the delicious pork shank with peas, sauteed in butter. It goes great with generous amounts of red wine....
The Secrets to a Delicious RisottoThe Secrets to a Delicious Risotto
28 Oct.
There's countless recipes for its preparation but before you get cooking, it's important to know about the secrets to its proper preparation: 1....
26 July
Pour the espresso into the cup with the foamy milk and serve the cappuccino with a pinch of cinnamon if desired....
Secrets of a delicious cheesecakeSecrets of a delicious cheesecake
08 Jan.
Cheesecake is one of the most delicious and light desserts. For the filling of cheesecake, use ricotta, mascarpone or cottage cheese....
Secrets for a Delicious PanettoneSecrets for a Delicious Panettone
17 Apr.
The so-called "threads" during the tearing of the Easter treat are characteristic of a truly delicious panettone. They form from the gluten threads of the flour and the egg whites....
The Secret to Juicy Steaks in the OvenThe Secret to Juicy Steaks in the Oven
12 July
Take the steaks, it's very important for them not to be wet (I don't even wash them but if you have to, dry them very well) - that's the big secret. Don't tenderize them at all! Oil the tray well....
The Most Delicious PizzaThe Most Delicious Pizza
15 Dec.
Fat Berta
Dissolve the yeast with a little sugar in the slightly warm water. Once it activates, add it to the sifted flour with the other ingredients and knead a dough with as much flour as needed, which may be more or less than the...
The Secret to French PancakesThe Secret to French Pancakes
21 Jan.
One of the secrets to achieving thin French pancakes is to grease the frying pan with a little butter before frying. The amount must really be minimal and it is best if it is spread using a pastry brush....
Frozen Iced CappuccinoFrozen Iced Cappuccino
12 Sept.
Fat Berta
Grate the chocolate coarsely. Boil half the water and dissolve the instant coffee and sugar in it. Add the remaining water and the yoghurt. Stir and leave it in the freezer for 2 hours. Take it out and stir with a fork...
Delicious Steaks in the OvenDelicious Steaks in the Oven
27 Feb.
Arrange the steaks in a suitable oven dish, which you've salted and sprinkled with black pepper ahead of time. Add a little grease, oil is best. Clean and chop the mushrooms. Add them to the steaks, plus savory to taste...
Delicious Crumbed Cuisine in the OvenDelicious Crumbed Cuisine in the Oven
08 Nov.
Everyone knows how to make crumbed food. There are many variations of this. For example, when crumbing cheese, it needs to spend some time in ice water or a freezer. Then make it in the usual way: egg-flour-egg or...