Meatless Vine WrapsMeatless Vine Wraps
17 Sept.
Season the mixture with the rest of the spices and make the vine wraps. At the bottom of a pot, put several vine leaves, then arrange the folded, stuffed vine wraps....
Delicious Stuffing for TortelliniDelicious Stuffing for Tortellini
12 Nov.
Here are a few ideas for the stuffing: Stuffing with Mince Ingredients: 14 oz veal, 3.5 oz bacon, 1 onion head, salt, black pepper, 1/2 tablespoon water....
Stuffing for MushroomsStuffing for MushroomsCut the cheese, ham and onions in the smallest possible pieces. Add salt, pepper to taste, and the curry powder and nutmeg. Break in 1-2 eggs, add the olive oil and stir the mixture well. Fill large mushrooms with it...
Appetizing Stuffings for ConchiglieAppetizing Stuffings for Conchiglie
04 Feb.
Conchiglie are a type of pasta, filled with stuffing. They are just one among the numerous types of pasta but are preferred because they can hold enviable amounts of stuffing. And it can always be different....
Meatless Stuffed Vine LeavesMeatless Stuffed Vine Leaves
14 Mar.
Boil the vine wraps until ready, serve them for Christmas Eve....
Canned Peppers for StuffingCanned Peppers for Stuffing
09 Nov.
Wash the peppers and remove their seeds. Mix the salt and sugar and sprinkle the peppers inside and out. Arrange them in a suitable container and cover them. Leave in the fridge overnight to soften. The next day, prepare...
Peppers for Stuffing for the WinterPeppers for Stuffing for the Winter
28 Sept.
This recipe will allow you to eat fresh-like peppers all winter long. Put water to boil in a deep pot. Add the salt to dissolve. Core the peppers, remove the seeds. Then put them in the water. It needs to come to...
Meatless Vine Rolls with RiceMeatless Vine Rolls with Rice
07 Nov.
Roll the mixture into vine leaves that have been scalded beforehand. Arrange them tightly in 2 rows in a wide, shallow pan. Top up with water, enough to cover them, and bring to a boil over low heat....
Dobrudja-Style Meatless Vine DolmadesDobrudja-Style Meatless Vine Dolmades
23 Sept.
Stir and wrap the vine leaves into dolmades. Boil in a pressure cooker or in a regular pot for 40-50 minutes, pressing down with a small saucer to prevent them from unwrapping....
Turkish-Style Meatless Vine RollsTurkish-Style Meatless Vine Rolls
19 June
Mix up the stuffing for the wraps in a bowl, raw, and place small teaspoons of it in each leaf. Wrap up tight rolls without filling each leaf too much because the rice will swell during cooking....
Vine Wraps (Sarma) with Feta CheeseVine Wraps (Sarma) with Feta CheeseRoll up the vine leaves with the stuffing and put them in a pot. Add 4 cups of water and put on low heat until it comes to a boil. Boil them for 20 minutes....
Four Unbelievable Stuffings for Baked ApplesFour Unbelievable Stuffings for Baked Apples
13 May
All you need to do is carve out an apple, fill it with proposed stuffing, place it in a buttered tray and bake at {180 °C} for about 20 min....
Meatless Platter for Christmas EveMeatless Platter for Christmas Eve
08 Nov.
Distribute the resulting filling onto the cabbage leaves and wrap them up into rolls. Arrange in the tray with the peppers and vine leaf rolls. Pour in water and cover the tray with foil....
Preserving Vine and Sauerkraut Leaves for SarmaPreserving Vine and Sauerkraut Leaves for Sarma
21 Oct.
If you decide to prepare them with a stuffing, boil and sterilize in a jar for 10 min. Freezing is a much faster and easier method compared to putting them in jars....
How to Make Meatless PelmeniHow to Make Meatless Pelmeni
18 Dec.
Prepare the stuffing by grating the cheese and beating it with the cottage cheese and egg. Put a little of this stuffing into each circle....