How to Store Different Types of VegetablesHow to Store Different Types of Vegetables
16 Dec.
Different vegetables have different shelf lives, after which they decay, no matter how well stored they are....
Different types of curryDifferent types of curry
06 Jan.
Another type is "panang" – a kind of Thai curry that is usually softer than other Thai spices....
When to eat different fruitsWhen to eat different fruits
03 Jan.
It is known that we should eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Different fruits should be eaten at different times of the day to give your body the most of their nutritional value....
How to store pearsHow to store pears
06 Jan.
It is best to store the pears in a well ventilated place. With good storage pears can last up to four months. Regularly inspect them, because some fruits can rot and damage others....
How to store nutsHow to store nuts
06 Jan.
If you want to keep them well, be sure to take them to a place where they can not take in different smells. 2....
How to Store BreadHow to Store Bread
21 Dec.
When talking about bread storage, keep in mind that the various types of bread have a different shelf life - from 2 days to a week. Also don't forget about the time that the product has spent in the store....
Time for the Cooking of Different Types of RiceTime for the Cooking of Different Types of Rice
06 May
Different types of rice are cooked for different times and it is good to know when cooking certain types of rice, how long to get them ready to not become a sticky mass. White rice contains a lot of starch....
How to Properly Store Food LeftoversHow to Properly Store Food Leftovers
01 June
It's extremely important to read the labels, which are there to show exactly how long and how you can store certain things and what you shouldn't store. Also be aware of how you arrange the products in the fridge....
How They Make Pancakes in Different CountriesHow They Make Pancakes in Different Countries
08 June
It's not entirely clear who first came up with the idea for pancakes but it's a fact that they are popular all over the world, made in different ways and with different ingredients in the different countries....
How to Store Sausages and Other AppetizersHow to Store Sausages and Other Appetizers
30 Apr.
Sausage can be stored over 4-5 months if the conditions for storage. The dried meat dishes are to be kept in a room with a minimum amount of moisture....
How to Escape Grocery Store Spending TrapsHow to Escape Grocery Store Spending Traps
20 Nov.
Temptations are all around us - everywhere we look, in shoe stores, malls and of course, at the grocery store....
How to Ripen Already Picked Fruits and VegetablesHow to Ripen Already Picked Fruits and Vegetables
07 Feb.
It is also ethylene that causes the rotting of fruits and vegetables that are already ripe. That's why in some storage rooms there are devices that release a gas that blocks the effects of ethylene....
How to Prepare Delicious Fruit JellyHow to Prepare Delicious Fruit Jelly
29 Aug.
Put on the stove and once bubbles appear, remove from the heat. Stir the jelly and add the raw juice or raw blended fruits and you're done....
How to Store Olive Oil and Sunflower OilHow to Store Olive Oil and Sunflower Oil
18 June
Better store oil that is enclosed in glass rather than plastic bottles. To preserve oil in an opened bottle, it is recommended that it is stored in the refrigerator....
How to Make Marinated Fruits for Cakes and MeatHow to Make Marinated Fruits for Cakes and Meat
19 May
This way, not only will the fruits fully take in the aroma of the spices, you'll also be able to store the marinated fruits longer....