Five Ways to Make Stuffed PeppersFive Ways to Make Stuffed Peppers
15 Jan.
Once it boils off, add the spices and stir everything. Fill the peppers with this stuffing, arrange them in an oiled oven dish, pour in a little water and let them bake in a preheated {220 °C} oven....
Five Ways to Make a SchnitzelFive Ways to Make a Schnitzel
27 Oct.
Schnitzels with mince and potatoes are an affordable and much lighter recipe. Boil the potatoes, peel and grate them. Mix the mince with the potatoes, some eggs, flour and spices and shape schnitzels....
Five Ways to Wake up without CoffeeFive Ways to Wake up without Coffee
25 May
Unfortunately, coffee has its down sides: if you drink a strong, saturated coffee, it will work the expected way but will also affect the cardiovascular system and irritate the stomach....
Cooking Potatoes and Potato VarietiesCooking Potatoes and Potato Varieties
10 May
To cook them you need to cover them with cold water and to salt them, and you leave them to boil on low heat for 10-20 minutes....
How Long Should I Boil Potatoes?How Long Should I Boil Potatoes?
20 Mar.
The amount of time you should boil your potatoes depends on their size, variety and how you want them. Usually, old potatoes of medium size take about 25-30 min. to boil, with their peels....
Five easy ways to lower your blood pressureFive easy ways to lower your blood pressure
04 Jan.
There are some ways to take advantage of the tomatoes without having to eat them straight from the garden. 1. Make yourself some chili....
27 Dec.
In other words, potato can be prepared in countless ways. The most common are French fries, which are probably the most popular side dish around the world....
How to Boil MacaroniHow to Boil Macaroni
26 Mar.
Therefore, the only sure way to check if the pasta is ready is to try it. Try it on the 8th, 9th, 10th minute, etc. 3. Once the pasta has been boiled, use a colander to drain out the water....
Potatoes Lower CholesterolPotatoes Lower Cholesterol
20 May
It's best to consume potatoes boiled, baked or sauteed....
How to Boil Buckwheat ProperlyHow to Boil Buckwheat Properly
26 June
That way the seeds separate and won't look like a porridge....
The Five-Man Baked SandwichThe Five-Man Baked Sandwich
21 June
Smear the bottom and walls of a terrine mold with butter. Place a layer of bread slices and smear them with soft butter using a brush. Put a layer of ham, layer of cheese and buttered bread slices again. Repeat until out...
Quick Pickle in Five DaysQuick Pickle in Five Days
15 Nov.
Boil the marinade, then leave to cool. In jars, pack the vegetables tightly and place 2-3 sour cherry leaves at the very top....
Eat More Sweet PotatoesEat More Sweet Potatoes
03 Dec.
Eat sweet potatoes more, especially in the winter months, when there is not much sun. The best part is that there are many ways to make use of them in cuisine....
Easy Dinner with PotatoesEasy Dinner with Potatoes
25 Feb.
Carefully peel the potatoes’ skin, to keep the vitamins that are just below. Pour over the potatoes with hot water and place on the stove. When you have boiled the potatoes, drain them from the water....
How Do I Boil Spaghetti Correctly?How Do I Boil Spaghetti Correctly?
22 Oct.
Once they come to a boil, remove the pot's lid. Once they're ready, place them in a colander to drain them. 8....