Olives, Green Tea, Blueberries and Raspberries Against CancerOlives, Green Tea, Blueberries and Raspberries Against Cancer
19 May
Studies by the American Cancer Society in Philadelphia show that green tea, olives, and fruits without pits contain components, which are quite beneficial and potent against the battle with cancer....
Green TeaGreen Tea
26 Dec.
Doctors recommend drinking green tea for long sessions in front of the TV or computer. Admission is important for people who have completed radiation therapy....
Coconut Milk Against HangoversCoconut Milk Against Hangovers
16 Dec.
Last but not least, coconut milk can help in the battle against hangovers. The hangover is the greatest downside to nightlife and people have different ways of dealing with this problem....
Drink Garlic Tea Against Viruses and Colds!Drink Garlic Tea Against Viruses and Colds!
03 Nov.
Garlic is an excellent tool for detoxing the body, it's good for the heart, normalizes blood pressure and combats inflammatory problems in the body. It's been used for centuries to disinfect wounds, fight infections...
Papaya Tea - a Powerful Weapon Against CancerPapaya Tea - a Powerful Weapon Against Cancer
07 Mar.
Experts from the University of Florida (USA) have discovered a new tool in the fight against cancer. According to scientists, tea from papaya leaves is an effective aid against cancer....
Figwort Against Swelling and TumorsFigwort Against Swelling and Tumors
12 Jan.
Per 1 cup of green sludge, pour in 2 cups of boiling water. Leave the mixture to sit overnight, strain it and add the juice of one lemon. Drink this mix in 3 doses....
For and Against Microwave OvensFor and Against Microwave Ovens
09 May
There's no shortage of people who think they are harmful due to the presence of electromagnetic radiation. But in the end did they actually give up on the microwave's undeniable positive properties?...
Food and drinks against constipationFood and drinks against constipation
23 Jan.
When you need to go to a bowel loosening mode, you should consult a professional if the constipation is caused by inflammation of appendicitis, acute exacerbation of peptic ulcer disease, gastric irritation and bleeding....
Borage Against Bronchitis and ColdsBorage Against Bronchitis and Colds
25 Apr.
Borage is a perennial herbaceous plant, which blooms during the summer. Its flowers are blue and exceptionally beautiful. Its leaves taste like a cucumber. It is found near rivers, grassy, rocky areas and in shrubs. The...
Parsley Tea and its Healing PowersParsley Tea and its Healing Powers
01 Dec.
It has also been said that parsley tea can be effective against colon cancer and cervical cancer. Parsley is rich in folic acid - which in turn is of huge importance to every person's cardiovascular system....
Bacopa Monnieri Against Stress and InsomniaBacopa Monnieri Against Stress and Insomnia
29 Aug.
It is especially recommended for elderly people, to improve memory, memorization, against stress and insomnia....
Colorful Chicken Soup Against Cold and FluColorful Chicken Soup Against Cold and Flu
28 June
Boil the chicken legs in 8 1/3 cups (2 L) water with the salt. Remove the foam from the broth. Take the chicken legs out, debone them and cut the meat into small bits. Heat the oil in a suitable pot and braise the finely...
26 Dec.
Green tea is particularly rich in protein....
Eat Green Vegetables for Youthfulness and BeautyEat Green Vegetables for Youthfulness and Beauty
13 May
If you suffer from pain and spasms in the limbs, the avocado is a successful aid against them....
Kohlrabi Protects Against Flu and Prostate CancerKohlrabi Protects Against Flu and Prostate Cancer
14 Jan.
Kohlrabi, which does not enjoy particular popularity everywhere, looks like a green or purple ball of a medium size. The edible part of this fall vegetable is the large stem of this biennial plant....