Three Irresistible Specialties with MinceThree Irresistible Specialties with Mince
02 Oct.
But with mince you can prepare many other specialties - here are 3 of the most intriguing: Stuffed Apples with Pork Mince Ingredients: 8 apples, 8 oz spiced pork mince, 1 tbsp lemon juice, 4 tbsp butter,...
Three Irresistible Specialties with ZucchiniThree Irresistible Specialties with Zucchini
02 Sept.
The 1st is for stuffed zucchini with walnuts and garlic - they turn out tasty and aromatic and are the perfect addition to tomato salad flavored with onions....
31 Jan.
Red salvia (Salvia splendens) should not be confused in any way with Perennial Maroon Salvia....
Flavorful Strawberries Protect the HeartFlavorful Strawberries Protect the Heart
22 Apr.
The flavor of these strawberries fill the soul with love, and the mind - with joy."...
Charcoal SpecialtiesCharcoal Specialties
31 Jan.
Making specialties using charcoal is a real art form. In order for meat and fish to become tender and delicious when grilled on charcoal, some subtleties must be followed....
Homemade Canadian SpecialtiesHomemade Canadian Specialties
05 June
Canadian cuisine is a blend of flavors and aromas that are characteristic of European cuisine but there is a number of purely Canadian specialties....
Quick Mince SpecialtiesQuick Mince Specialties
03 May
Cover with tomato, sliced into thin circles, sliced peppers and sliced mushrooms. Top with the mixture of eggs with yogurt. Sprinkle with grated cheese and bake about 1 hour at 200 degrees....
Salvia and how to use itSalvia and how to use it
24 Jan.
• Combine sage leaves with peppers, cucumbers and sweet onions with yogurt for an easy to make, refreshing salad....
Hippocrates Considered Salvia to be HolyHippocrates Considered Salvia to be Holy
27 Mar.
One of the most popular legends about salvia has to do with the first moments of the life of Christ....
Specialties from Portuguese CuisineSpecialties from Portuguese Cuisine
24 Apr.
For themselves they would only leave the innards, forcing them to come up with new things to cook with them and thus creating the Portuguese specialty....
Specialties from Hungarian CuisineSpecialties from Hungarian Cuisine
28 Jan.
It is made with tomatoes and peppers with rice. Lecsó Ingredients: 21 oz of tomatoes, 3.5 lb green peppers, 2 onion heads, 1/3 cup lard, 1 tbsp sweet paprika, salt, 2/5 cup rice, oil....
Specialties from Polish CuisineSpecialties from Polish Cuisine
19 Dec.
One of their traditional soups is "borscht" or borscht with beetroots, usually served with "ushka" - small pelmeni with meat or mushrooms....
Popular Specialties from Israeli CuisinePopular Specialties from Israeli Cuisine
06 Jan.
Falafel is a doughy pocket, stuffed with chickpea meatballs and salad, while shawarma is roasted meat and hummus, wrapped in a flat pita. One of the major specialties in Israeli cuisine is pashtida....
Ideas for Fall Dishes and SpecialtiesIdeas for Fall Dishes and Specialties
30 Sept.
Pumpkin specialties are not only tasty but very healthy, for they fuel the body with important nutrients....
Creamy Chicken with SalviaCreamy Chicken with Salvia
05 Dec.
Pour the cream over them and add the salvia leaves. Bake until the sauce thickens. Serve with a suitable salad....