The Secret to Delicious ShrimpThe Secret to Delicious Shrimp
17 Feb.
Many seafood lovers prefer shrimp and not just because they are a true delicacy but because they are mouth-wateringly good. Aside from their juicy meat, they contain many vitamins, valuable micronutrients and...
The Secret to Delicious MinestroneThe Secret to Delicious Minestrone
11 Sept.
Minestrone is a meatless soup characteristic of Italy but known worldwide. It contains a rich abundance of a myriad of vegetables typical of the region. It's appropriate for colder days when the body has need of...
The Secret Behind Delicious FalafelsThe Secret Behind Delicious Falafels
28 Aug.
When frying falafels, put plenty of oil in the pan so that they can fry evenly without having to flip them over as this may ruin their shape. 7....
The Secret of Delicious CappuccinoThe Secret of Delicious Cappuccino
09 Aug.
Cappuccino is an Italian soft drink made from coffee and milk. Real cappuccino, according to experts, should contain 1 2/3 tbsp (25 ml.) Espresso and 1/2 cup (125 ml.) Cold milk broken with steam, wherein from {4 °C},...
Secrets of the delicious minceSecrets of the delicious mince
08 Jan.
For example, for delicious mince for meatballs a combination pork and veal very suitable. If the pork is lean then mix it in a ratio of 60 to 40 with beef, if not- go for 70 to 30....
How to Cook Pork ShanksHow to Cook Pork Shanks
18 Nov.
Here is a delicious recipe where the meat is soaked in the marinade: Tender pork shanks Required products: pork shanks, white wine, soya sauce, juice of half a lemon, honey, mustard, black pepper - ground...
The Secrets to a Delicious RisottoThe Secrets to a Delicious Risotto
28 Oct.
There's countless recipes for its preparation but before you get cooking, it's important to know about the secrets to its proper preparation: 1....
The Tastiest Pork Shank SoupThe Tastiest Pork Shank Soup
29 May
Wash the pork shanks and put them in a pressure cooker, pour in water up to the top, season with salt and pepper and close the pot....
Pork ShankPork Shank
20 Feb.
Take the pork shank and spike it with pieces of lard or bacon. Put it to fry with 3/4 cup oil, turning it over to get evenly browned....
Uniquely Delicious Pork Shanks with TatersUniquely Delicious Pork Shanks with Taters
20 Nov.
Dry the cleaned and washed pork shanks. Smear them with the mixed together dry spices and rub them in well. Then smear with the mixed garlic/mustard. Place them in a container with a lid....
Pork Shanks in the OvenPork Shanks in the Oven
11 Apr.
Take the pork shank, cut it into 3-4 servings and add salt, sprinkle it with ground black pepper and rub it with pressed garlic, diluted with a little vinegar or lemon juice....
Culinary Secrets for Cooking ShanksCulinary Secrets for Cooking Shanks
12 Nov.
There are certain aspects required in the preparation of beef and pork shanks to make them flavorful, delicious and irresistible. Lean and well-cooked meat easily separates from the bone....
Pork Shank with Potatoes in the OvenPork Shank with Potatoes in the Oven
08 Mar.
Wash the pork shank, dry it, smear it with oil, season with salt, cumin and paprika. Put it in an oven dish and add the wine and a little water. Add the carrot, parsley, garlic, black pepper grains and bay leaf....
Juicy Pork ShankJuicy Pork Shank
25 Oct.
Place the boiled shank in the middle of a small tray and sprinkle with the paprika, while smearing with a little oil on top. Pour the potatoes in around the shank....
Pork Shank SoupPork Shank SoupWash the shank well and pour cold water over it in a pot. The water level needs to be 1-2 fingers above the meat. Put it on the stove to boil and remove the foam from time to time....