Cocktails with RumCocktails with Rum
07 Jan.
Preparation: Fill the glass 3/4 of the way with ice cubes. Pour in the rum and fill to the top with the Cola. Squeeze out several drops of lime juice and drop the lime slice in. Serve with a cocktail stirrer....
Cocktails with GinCocktails with Gin
22 Aug.
Let us offer you a few cocktails with this alcoholic drink but don't forget to drink responsibly to get the most out of it....
01 Feb.
The best cellars with champagne traditions are around the cities Reims and Epernay. History of Champagne By the Middle Ages, mainly monks and clerics dealt with wine....
Milk Vodka is a Hit with Cocktail FansMilk Vodka is a Hit with Cocktail Fans
26 Nov.
These qualities make it highly suitable for direct consumption or as a base for many of the world’s most famous cocktails....
Pudding with Champagne and RaisinsPudding with Champagne and RaisinsSpread the cream with champagne and raisins in eight small dessert bowls and garnish the top with some raisins and allow to cool. If desired serve with crackers....
The Perfect Beach CocktailsThe Perfect Beach Cocktails
12 Aug.
Preparation: Put all of the products, excluding the champagne, in a shaker and mix well. Strain into a champagne glass. Top off with the champagne. Decorate the glass with the lemon slice....
Cream Soup with Carrots and ChampagneCream Soup with Carrots and Champagne
05 Jan.
Fat Berta
Serve the soup with chopped parsley in every bowl and pour in 1 tablespoon champagne to each....
Bolo Rei - Portuguese Christmas Dessert with ChampagneBolo Rei - Portuguese Christmas Dessert with Champagne
22 Aug.
Add the salt, egg yolks, lemon zest, champagne and melted margarine. Knead a dough, while adding more flour to prevent it from sticking too much. Add the finely diced fruits and knead again....
Lemon and Champagne SorbetLemon and Champagne Sorbet
09 Jan.
Fat Berta
Distribute into the cooled glasses and sprinkle with lemon zest. Serve immediately....
Dairy Cocktail with BananaDairy Cocktail with Banana
25 Nov.
Beat the peeled and sliced bananas with a mixer, along with half the milk and the other ingredients, until a homogeneous runny mixture forms. Dilute it with the remaining milk, pour into glasses and serve immediately....
Ideas for cocktail snacksIdeas for cocktail snacks
13 Jan.
Meat cocktail bites are made with pieces of sausage, tenderloin or ham, which are decorated with half an olive, or sliced cucumber or pepper....
Dairy Cocktail with Apricot CompoteDairy Cocktail with Apricot Compote
26 Nov.
The apricots are broken down and mashed with the compote juice. Add the vanilla, sugar, as well as the pre-boiled and cooled milk. Mix and pour into serving glasses....
Cocktail of Chicken with MushroomsCocktail of Chicken with Mushrooms
09 Sept.
Arrange lettuce leaves in cocktail cups or bowls. Distribute mushrooms and meat on top of them and pour on the sauce....
Six Cocktails to Try During the SummerSix Cocktails to Try During the Summer
06 July
Once everything is mixed in a shaker, garnish the cocktail with a slice of orange. Negroni In 1919, they began making the Negroni cocktail as an imitation of the Americano....
Carbonated CocktailCarbonated CocktailServe with ice....