Culinary Traditions in AlgeriaCulinary Traditions in Algeria
24 June
The traditional cuisine of Algeria is formed under the influence of its neighboring countries, absorbing the best culinary traditions of Arabic, Turkish, Morroccan and Tunisian cuisines....
Culinary Traditions in PeruCulinary Traditions in Peru
19 June
Peruvian cuisine was born out of the fusion of ancient culinary traditions from the pre-Columbian era with the extravagant cuisine of the Spanish, enriched by delicious and aromatic Arabian influences, to which the legacy...
Culinary Traditions in ParaguayCulinary Traditions in Paraguay
16 June
Culinary traditions in Paraguay follow a specific order when it comes to serving dishes - puddings, fried foods, sweetbreads and others, accompanied by grilled cheeses....
Culinary Traditions in JapanCulinary Traditions in Japan
21 May
One of the reasons for the Japanese's longevity is their traditional, harmoniously composed diet....
Culinary Traditions in TunisiaCulinary Traditions in Tunisia
16 Apr.
If you're in the mood for exotic dishes, Tunisia is a suitable culinary destination. The cuisine there combines influences from the Arab world, Near East, Mediterranean and France....
Culinary Traditions in IndonesiaCulinary Traditions in Indonesia
27 Mar.
As with most countries in Southeast Asia, the culinary traditions of Indonesia have been influenced by the gastronomic intervention of the island's conquerors throughout the centuries....
Culinary Traditions in IrelandCulinary Traditions in Ireland
16 Mar.
Besides its wonderful whiskey, Ireland is highly popular with its culinary temptations....
Culinary Traditions in UkraineCulinary Traditions in Ukraine
11 Mar.
Generally, meat is included in the different culinary traditions of the Ukraine. During the Christmas holidays, citizens of the country love to prepare stuffed duck or goose with apples....
Culinary Traditions in South AfricaCulinary Traditions in South Africa
22 May
The traditional recipe includes different kinds of meat, veggies, rice or potatoes....
Culinary Traditions in New ZealandCulinary Traditions in New Zealand
04 Mar.
Even though New Zealand is a hub of traditions from around the world, there is one dish that is thought to come from the local Maori tribe....
Brazil nutsBrazil nuts
25 Nov.
Brazil nut oil has a lot of applications in traditional medicine in the manufacture of paints, food and therapeutic massages. The oil is characterized by a clear yellow color and has a pleasant sweet flavor....
Kapuska - Culinary Magic with CabbageKapuska - Culinary Magic with Cabbage
21 Dec.
Clean, wash and chop the cabbage into medium-sized pieces. Dice the onions finely, cut the pepper into coarse pieces. Put a wide pot on the stove. Heat the stove to max. Put the butter with the oil in the pot, leave it...
Traditional FudgeTraditional Fudge
03 Oct.
Mix the milk, butter, sugar, cocoa and vanilla over low heat until the butter and chocolate melt. Once this happens, remove the mixture from the heat and set it aside. In a large bowl, whisk the eggs. Add the flour and baking...
Traditional GazpachoTraditional GazpachoCut the tomatoes into cubes, 1/2″ (1 cm) per side. Clean the peppers from their seeds and cut them like the tomatoes - into 1/2″ (1 cm) cubes. Do the same with 1 of the cucumbers after peeling it, cut the second cucumber...
Traditional KachamakTraditional Kachamak
07 June
First, you have to boil the corn semolina. To do this, put 4 1/5 cups (1 L) of water to boil in a large pot. Once it comes to a boil, add 1 tbsp salt to it (or more). Add the prepared 1 cup of corn semolina, while stirring...

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