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Flat Pitas for DönerFlat Pitas for Döner
20 Dec.
Knead a dough from the listed products, let it to sit for 10 min. Then divide it into balls, with the size depending on how large the pan is. Roll out each ball into a circle and bake on both sides in a heated and lightly...
Ideas for Delicious 30-Minute DinnersIdeas for Delicious 30-Minute Dinners
13 Feb.
The only time when we actually get to show our skills in the kitchen is during the weekend - we're always rushing during the week and end up preparing something easy that we know that everyone will enjoy. If you want to...
Ideas for Delicious 30-Minute LunchesIdeas for Delicious 30-Minute Lunches
23 Jan.
After a minute, add the boiled beans to it. Season with salt, paprika and black pepper to taste. Remove this sandwich stuffing from the stove and then fry the eggs in the olive oil as well....
Ideas for Delicious 30-Minute BreakfastsIdeas for Delicious 30-Minute Breakfasts
16 Dec.
We have chosen several recipes which you can prepare quickly and that turn out absolutely delicious. The first one is for feta cheese buns, to which you can add various spices your family likes. Here's what you need...
25 Nov.
The culture is a mass of flax and is grown for fiber and oil....
Easy Ideas for A La Minute SnacksEasy Ideas for A La Minute Snacks
19 Nov.
Add salt and leave to soak 5 minutes, then wash. Sprinkle lightly with spice, then with flour. After 5 minutes, pour into an oiled, highly preheated pan and oven....
Flat FrittersFlat FrittersYou can garnish the ready flat fritters with sweet or savory treats of your choice.....
Bell PeppersBell Peppers
21 Dec.
Composition of bell peppers Sweet bell peppers contain vitamin A, C, B1, B2, E, PP, carotene and fiber. Sweet bell peppers are low in fat and rich in water....
Quick Pasta Lunches in Just 15 MinutesQuick Pasta Lunches in Just 15 Minutes
07 Oct.
Let us offer you 3 quick recipes for a pasta lunch; you can substitute the spaghetti with a pasta of your choice: Pasta à la Minute Ingredients: 10.5 oz spaghetti, 7 large slices of ham, 7 oz processed cheese,...
Whole Grain Flat BreadWhole Grain Flat Bread
13 Oct.
Fat Berta
If you like you can sprinkle the flat bread with paprika, fenugreek or savory....
How to lose the bulging bellyHow to lose the bulging belly
19 Nov.
The best way to workout for the abdominal prolapse is 40 crunches, rest ten minutes, during which you do the hula hoop, and then repeat twice. When you want to slim abdomen, it is important to drink plenty of water....
Revolutionary: the 1-Minute CakeRevolutionary: the 1-Minute Cake
17 Sept.
Plus, it doesn't really take that long and there are recipes with which you can have the cake batter made in no longer than 10 minutes' time. And, the satisfaction from the end result may last quite a while....
Banana FlanBanana Flan
14 Sept.
Fat Berta
Arrange the flans into trays with water halfway up the forms and bake 50-60 min. Cool the desserts, decorate with banana slices and serve....
Coconut FlanCoconut Flan
13 June
Caramelize the sugar in a round baking dish with a diameter of 9″ (22 cm) or rectangular one with a length of about 9″ (22 cm) and a width of 6″ (15 cm) and spread it on the walls of the dish. In a bowl, whip the three...
Mandarin FlanMandarin Flan
20 May
Fat Berta
Prepare a caramel by heating the sugar with 2 tbsp water until a golden mixture forms. Add the liqueur. Distribute the caramel into heat resistant bowls or in a larger form and let them cool. Cut the candied fruits finely...